Some Strategies To Deal With Difficult Sisters

Whatever the difficult situation outside is if you do not feel comfort in home then the condition becomes very pathetic. Where will a person go if he or she has no comforts in home. All the members of the family make contribution in making peace in home.

Where ever you are living you must have patience and have to endure a lot as relationship can go on with give and take rule. In home the relationship of sibling contribute in the harmony of the home because quarrels among sibling can destroy all peace and comfort.

If you want to stay happy with your sister but she is of hot temperament and sometimes you could not help and just start fighting then this attitude is wrong and the same situation will continue for a long time. Make an end of this problem with adopting some ways that are given here:

Stay quite while your sister is in anger:

While your sister is in full anger you must stay quiet and do not tell her about her wrong doings because at that time your act would be useless.

You must stay quiet and when you see that she is relax now then you can tell her how she is hurting you with her cruel and harsh words and how this is making your home disturb. Every conscious person would feel sorry and the next time she will think twice before doing that again.

Try to make friendly behavior with your sister:

Make your sister believe that you trust her a lot. If you are an elder sister then develop such confidence in younger sister that she could believe she can tell you all kinds of problems. Must listen to her with attention and suggest her what she can do in her difficult times.

This is a great way to make respect in her heart for you. If you are younger one then try to obey your sister in every matter. Respect your elder sister then she will also try to maintain that respect but if you talk with rude behavior then certainly she will talk in anger.

Leave her on her own:

A soft behavior and kind attitude is great thing to make strong bond between two persons. You must not try to snub your sister but give her space to live in her world. If you always put restriction in her ways then she will feel disturb and will speak ill-will for you.

Let her take her decision but make your personality such that she herself come to you and ask you to help her. If you are younger then although you cannot change the harsh attitude of your sister but you can change the way you respond.

Words count a lot and you must select such words that can make her realize that she is wrong but with most respectable way without making her annoyed.

Do not compare your sister with other people:

Among all your friends you sister should remain on the top of the list. An elder sister is after a mother so must speak to her politely and give her respect. Never prefer your friends to your sister because in bad times your blood relations feel pain for you and especially your sibling will not leave you.

But it also depends how you treat with them. It is not very difficult to deal with difficult sister but you can deal with her with strategies and the strategies should be to win the love of your sister.

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