Things that Can Destroy Your Relationship:

It often happens that you have fight with your life partner but literally don’t understand the reason behind the quarrel. You were spending normal routine days but suddenly you found yourself and your partner yelling at each other. You’re not the only one to face these hard time but almost 80-90% couples are encountering such kind of problems in their lives.


Relationships usually require so much time and effort which may eventually lead you to a happy life with your loved ones.

This writing will provide you with the content which will help you in knowing the flaws in your relationship and help you in getting rid of such kind interruptions in your peaceful life.

Expecting perfection:

Perfection is a myth. No one can be perfect in this whole planet. None should expect perfection from others because if we make it the standard, we might never find a true soul mate. Other’s opinions of what a perfect relation should look like influences our vies and we start seeking for perfection in our life partner and relationship. Here it is strongly suggested to stop expecting perfection.

Don’t blame your partner:

In a marriage, both the partners are responsible for their own actions. Blaming your counterpart is the worst thing you can do to you relationship. In case, if you have some complaint to your partner, start humbly before criticizing.

Never start with an attack:

If you are supposed to criticize your partner and you are just attacking them, it means you have already lost the battle. It will cause wrath and aggressiveness.

Listen to your spouse attentively:

Listen to your life partner attentively and try to stop the voices in your mind. Make them feel that you are listening and understanding the points they are putting before you. It might lead to some better results. There is possibility that you may come to realize that the other person is quite right.

Don’t push each other in hard times:

It is very important to stand with each other during hard times of life. As life is full of laughter, joy and happiness as well as it brings sorrows, stress and hardships. When your partner feel irritated you feel the same way, This is good, but you should never push them against you in such time your partner need more care and affection.

Try to look in the perspective of your partner:

If you want a healthy relationship, you should look at the situation from your partner’s perspective. It will allow you to think with wider mind and provide you with deep understanding of your partner. If you will see through one lens, you’d miss the whole picture.

Don’t go off-topic:

Going off topic is a technique which is usually used by someone as defense mechanism while discussing a problem which causes worry and discomfort to you.

Never do things like that and same way don’t let the other person utilize this inappropriate technique. Talk over the original matters until they get resolved.

Recognizing the factors which make your life partner worried:

Everyone does this! You partner hurts you and you want to make them feel the same. You do or say the things consciously or unconsciously that aggravate your spouse.

Don’t judge before listening:

If you want to solve the problem, first try to understand it and this is not possible without communication. Being judgmental and perceiving the things in your own way may make the situation rougher rather than taking them towards solution.

Don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader:

If your expectations go high and other person doesn’t come up with them, it may bring disappointment to you. Don’t expect them to know your needs without letting them know. If you are feeling lonely, at least make them realize of the fact unless don’t expect.

If you feel like you have been or still making such kind of mistakes which are mentioned in the article you should at once give up. Identify your past mistakes and make a promise to yourself not to repeat them. This will help you in growing your relationship healthier and happier.


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