Tips and Ideas What to Do if it Rains on Your Outdoor Wedding:

Is its getting cloudy, as your wedding is in the same rainy week. You don’t need to get upset. You just have to get prepared for it. Otherwise it will be the ruined one for you.



Don’t get upset, as everyone knows that the rain is the Romance creating natural thing. So get prepared while following these tips and ideas. It’s going to be the beautiful memorable day.



Don’t get worried:

If it starts rain during your marriage ceremony, then don’t get upset. Make yourself feel relax. Your vendor is going to help you out. He’ll also get upset if you got upset. And your guests will also get upset. If you feel relax your guests also feel relax.

Start smiling:

When it rains, you just start smiling, and pretend like you didn’t get upset of it. And start enjoy. It will make your partner smile too.


Change your shoes:

The next step is you need to change your shoes up. You need to carry a pair of shoe. Wear stylish and colorful rain boots. And make yourself relax.


Arrange umbrellas:

You need to arrange umbrellas for yourself and for your guests. Arrange umbrellas according to your venue’s color. And make your own umbrella a bit different from the other.



A bride need to put on that kind of an accessories, which didn’t got effected by rain. Or you need to put a cheap one set. Or you need to put a rain secure accessories. That if it rains, your accessories got secure of raining.

Makeup and hair styling:

You need to ask your hairstylist and makeup artist to make that kind of a style that if it starts rain then you don’t looks like a messy bride. Use water proof makeup.



Tent arrangement (safe location):

You need to prepare a safe location if you’re getting married at the outside door. You need to have arranged tents and place them on some side locations.




If it shines then your photographs didn’t look so well. Actually clouds do have an awesome effect on your photos. So be happy if it starts rain on your wedding. And say it up, that you deliberately arranged this wedding on the rainy day.

Have a towel:

You need to arrange a towel buckets for the groom, for the bride and also for the guests. Arranged it in buckets decorated with flowers.



You need to put veil for the fabulous photographs. Put it on yourself and also on your groom’s face.


Insurance of your wedding:

Make an insurance of your wedding, if you spend a great amount on it. Due to which you’re going to have recovery of your marriage.

Don’t have shelter just have funs:

Just have fun in rain. Don’t get into shelter. May be this reaction spoils the fun of your marriage ceremony. Go and have fun.


Start dancing:

If you didn’t know what to do next, just start dancing with your couple. It will be the most romantic one time.


Have fun splash in rain water:

Splash it up on your groom; this will relax your guests. And everyone is going to have fun on.


Just celebrate don’t stop:

You don’t need to stop. Go on and fun in rain. Because a few of the people just have to face such kind of a fun.




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