Tips to Be in a Friendly Relationship with your Daughter


The relationship between mothers and daughters are diverse as some mothers and daughters are in a close relationship like best friends, they share all the matters with each other. While some talk rarely to each other. Some of them see each other after weeks or months due to living in different locations. Some of the mothers and daughters bicker regularly and always have small disputes to have arguments on while others avoid any type of clashes. Others talk about everything. no doubt, there is an impression of all the above things in most of the relationships and this is absolutely normal.

Regardless of the strength of your relationship with your mother or daughter, there is always room for making reformation and upswing. This article would help you in learning how to improve your connection and eliminate the conflicts:

Move forward                            

The very first thing you need to do is moving forward without waiting for the other person to take the first step. Think about your relationship and ways to make improvements in it.

Bring some change in yourself

Don’t wait for the other person to improve their ways for bringing betterment in relationship, rather focus on changing your reactions and responses. It can bring a huge positive change in your life.

Don’t expect too much

Everyone knows that it is not people who hurt, expectations do. The relationship between a mother and a daughter is characterized by unrealistic expectations and most of these expectations develop in an early age. When a daughter grows up, she should understand that her mother loves her more than anyone can do but this is not important to come up with your expectations each time as it sometimes might be difficult or impossible.

Listen carefully

Make other feel that you are listening them; it develops a sense of being heard and understood. Listen not only to the worlds but also feelings behind the words. It is an important way to make improvement in your relationship with your mother or daughter.


Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship. Lack of communication can lead you to confusion as most of the things remain untold. By having communication with each other might bring them so close.

Remember! No one can read your mind so you should be clear about whatever you do feel; it helps the other person understanding you.

Widen the lens

Try to put your feet in her shoes so that you may think of the other lady as a woman with her own hurts and wounds. It will help you in knowing her issues and may bring some positive change in the relationship.

Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is something which is different from reconciliation which takes both people and is not always possible. Forgiving does not mean just saying okay on whatever has happened. Forgiveness always empowers the person who forgives. Therefore you should forgive and never move forward with negativity in your heart.

Forget old arguments

For bringing a friendly relationship between a mother and a daughter, it is important to forget old arguments and concentrate on the present.

Speak often

Spend one on one time and try to do it very often. You can go out for a lunch or dinner and make some routine habits which please both of you, such as going for a walk. Let the other know that they are worth spending time with and when you have a talk, first prepare yourself with a topic to have discussion over it.

Develop a sense of humor

Most of us are bitter at times, especially when we are stressed. This is not a positive behavior.

Think… when was the last time you really laughed? Have a time with your mother or daughter and watch some hilarious movies and laugh out loud.

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