Various Outdoor Wedding Decoration Ideas:

Did you decide to marry now? For sure you are you are. Are you bored of having attending marriages at hall or churches or anywhere else? You are going to marry with your love one at somewhere different place? For sure you can so let me help you with different and unique kind of ideas for getting marriage outdoor.


Weather dependence:

Just you need to do what is to check out the weather casting. If you didn’t do so then your marriage ceremony will be the ruined one. You have to be careful on your marriage ceremony that do to bad weather, your most important day not to get spoiled up.


If you don’t want to be the part of such things then you need to be careful before. As it is an un bearable things for you at your marriage.

You can arrange something like this if there is a rain chance. You can make an area where is it rains then the guest and the marriage couple do find a shelter. It should be decorated with or tents with thick layers that the rain couldn’t be able to get in.


If it will be the shinny day then you need to arrange a lot of water. That they are able to bear up the heat of the hot sun. The water cans should be decorated by self art. As you can make wish cards on the bottles, or you can paint it up with different art designing.

You also need to arrange umbrellas for ant sudden bad weather happening. . Umbrellas should be the same colors. That if you are having decoration of pink color then you need to arrange umbrellas of pink color.


You need to select as different as possible place to get marry. If you are getting married at some government holding places or of any other public property than you need to have permission first.

Arrange it at any park with permission decorate all the trees and benches there with the lights if the time is at 6:00. Or make it with bright color of Curtains. Leave the space of walker and arrange the tables on sides. Color combo depends up to your choice.


At beach you need make it color full with just one color as the beach didn’t have any effect of colors there. All just is there is blue the color of sea. Add color at for the background portion of the couple.


At any ground with permission if that ground having a owner

Mountain side the most effective one.

River side



Arrangements should be according to brides and groom. There should be the use of loots of flowers.

Such as if you are using flowers than make sure the color of flowers should be matched with the other decoration of the ceremony.

Chairs should be of the same colors of flowers.

Use the disco balls to decorate you ceremony. You can make it yourself as like putting a light effect.


Place these disco balls at some height where the couple do stand or sit.

Kurten should be matched up with the light color.

Placing tables and chairs will make your guests comfortable.

Refreshment with different decoration:

The main theme of any ceremony is refreshment. Before dinner there should be refreshments too.

Place chocolates of different kinds with elaborating their kinds on. May be there will be cold outside. So lessen the cold outside you have to arrange multiple chocolate flavors, because chocolate do warm your body up.


Place liquids. If it’s cold there then you have to place bear, tea and coffee.

If it’s hot then you need to know that beer dehydrates more that’s why place different flavors of juices in cooler jars.


Prepare a drink station. Will make your guests comfortable. And yes it also controls the temperature make sure what kind a drink you are serving out there.


Add cup cakes in your party. Make sure the cakes should have both (sugar and sugar free). Because many of the people do have diabetic issues.


Beware that all of this stuff should be placed at the safe place. And it should be covered well.

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