Ways And Ideas to Impress Your Love One if You are Not Very Rich:

Boys love to win a girls competition, same as rich man also wants too. But the thing is that how much you got to impress him, in what ways. If you are not so rich, and you got fall in love with a rich guy or a girl then you need to make everything possible for you. Both of you need to look the attractive one first. If you are going to meet a girl or a guy, the most important thing is to look attractive. But it didn’t ends here. So what are you going to do, beware of it, don’t hurt yourself and others. Step up with such tricks and topics to impress a rich girl and a rich boy.


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Pay care to him/her:

To impress a boy or a girls, don’t just follow his/her wallet. You need to impress him/her by paying attention that you care him a lot. Don’t make it fraudulently. You need to make it actually. Do care for his/her wants and every possible activity his/her love to do.

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Invite him her to your home:

Don’t just push him/her to the star places. Don’t ask to go too much outside to spend a lot money. Be careful of inviting him/her on dating on expensive places. You need to invite your rich lover to your home. Or try to enjoy at hiking, walking near your house to have fun.


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Make food for him/her:

Whenever you invite you rich lover to your home, make some food by your own hand to make him/her impressive. Have some help from your lover too. But don’t elaborate the richness of your lover repeatedly. Its may be annoying some of the times. You just need to do is have a sweet and a romantic talk while cooking.


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Make your appearance changed up. Wear what your lover wants to see on you. Wear his/her favorite color, wear his/her favorite dresses, and wear his /her favorite things. Just make yourself change for his/her sake. Don’t deny wearing his/her gifted dresses. Wear it up and you don’t need to elaborate that it is too expensive I can’t wear it up and so on. Just thanks and wear it up.

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Pay some where:

You need to pay somewhere if you’re having a date. If you have dinner with yopur rich lover, let him her pay the bill. But you need to stop him/her first by saying that “I’ll pay” only once. Don’t insist.

But on at shampion time. Do pay the bill yourself. Do spent your money on small things too.


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Arrange picnic instead of restaurants:

Don’t ask for the restaurant daily. This is going to break up because the rich person will think that you are using him for his money not for him. So go on have fun on outdoor parties. Just you and your lover, have a great time at the beach side or at any forest. You need to arrange it yourself. Make it as a gift for your rich lover. Surely will going to love it.

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Stay the same what you are:

You don’t need to change yourself or you don’t need to say any kind of a lie to your rich lover about you. Just you need is to struggle for your true love.

Have sweet and romantic gesture:

Always do have sweet and romantic gesture. Don’t involve the concept of your rich lover’s bank balance and his/her pocket, and also don’t elaborate his/her life styles. Just have fun with each other and just forget the other matters. The more you go sweet and romantic the more he/she is going to love you. Don’t make him feel that you are actually dieing for his/her money. Just pay attention to what he wants.

Stay naughty around him:

Everyone knows that boy do love naughty girls, that make them happy and more happy. So you need to do naughty things if you are having a rich lover. Don’t make it too much on higher level, but just always make something funny around him.

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Add great perfumes on you:

You need to add perfume on, according to the favorite of your love once. Everyone loves the special aroma or accent which is used to put just for your lover. So have a perfume on you too.


Importance of presence instead of presents:

Give attention to your lover’s presence instead of dying for the presents. Many of the persons do dying for the presents. But it’s not cool at all. The best part for you is to enjoy the presence of your lover

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Don’t mention of his/her wealth repeatedly:

Just don’t repeat your words about the wealth of your lover. You don’t need to elaborate your lover’s money to inspire your friends. Some of the times friends express the feeling of your lover’s richness. As oh! You’re that rich man of my friend. Ugh! It seems awkward.

Elaborate his qualities not wealth:

Don’t elaborate his/her wealth. Just do elaborate the beautiful qualities of him/her in front of him or her. You ned to tell his/her qualities on daily bases that why you love your lover so much, but again don’t elaborate that you are rich that’s why I love you the most, may be its going to be a time of break up.

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Family and friend:

Just have fun with your lover’s family and friends. If you are not making yourself settled with them, just wait for some time. Listen to them; get the way they are talking alike. Then you can start up your conversations. Don’t be shy.

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