Ways and Ideas to Attract men’s Attention


On the off chance that you need to draw someone’s attention, you have been making decent attempts. You simply don’t have to stress. Simply quiet down and attempt these tips to pull in the man you need to get pulled in towards you.

We have picked a couple of extremely straightforward undertakings that will help you and will go far, just by lighting the underlying sparkle.

We are so much beyond any doubt about these tips as they have been demonstrated by bona fide analysts. Here you go!

Use Lighting

Lighting makes you look more attractive. It is something; a few of the ladies have concentrated, probably. You rally would not have to do anything especially. In the dim light, the eyes get dilated and women look more attractive in such environment. It has been shown in studies that men are mostly attracted towards women with dilated eyes. So if you are going on a date with your especial one, chose a location with dim light so that you may attract the man.

Mimic him

This is something really interesting that mimicking someone helps in increasing that person’s interest in you. It, while doing purposely, can have a subconscious effect.

Make eye contact with beautiful smile

When it comes to attraction, eye contact is very much important. Making it with a smile doubles its effect. It is proven by psychological experiments. Eye contact alone helps in attracting the man 20% while the eye contact increases the success rate to 60%.

Using perfume helps a lot

Chose a scent and make it your signature fragrance. It will leave a long lasting effect on the mind of the person. Wherever or whenever he would smell that fragrance, you will be reminded to him.

Wear Red

Wearing red is beneficial if you want to attract a man as men like women in red the most. It wouldn’t make him love you at once but it is assured that it will catch his eyes and attract him towards you even of you are in a crowded place. It is biologically proven that red lips and dress is sure to enchant your man.


Touching gently would make your man feel more comfortable and at ease, at once so that he even may ask you out. As a response if the man also returns the compliment and makes up for it then this is the sign that he is interested too.

Lean Forward

Body language, gestures and postures are of vital importance. It shaped the way the man sees you. Stand up tall and carry yourself in a confident manner. There are a few body language symbols that you must need to know which make the man feel that you are attracted towards him. Lean forward to show that you are interested in him. Giving him undivided attention would make him attracted towards you in less time.

Walk on his left side

Walking and talking in his left makes him attract towards you. It is said that walking on left attracts the right part of the brain. This part of the brain deals with things like emotion and beauty. While the Left side is logical and follows reasoning.

Be Interesting

What really attracts a guy is your mind. Men crave intellectual stimulation as well as arousal of getting closer that your appearance gives him. So, this is very important to be brainy. Try to know about a lot of topics your man is interested in so that you can hold an interesting session of conversation. It would make you interesting and he would get attracted towards you.

Start from the inside

Men like and attract towards the women who are with glowing and smooth skin. You need to start from the inside to obtain a skin with glow. Drink plenty of water; increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

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