Ways to Deal with my Husband when he Insults me by Words:

Many of the husband and wife in this word have an insult base problem. Alike most of the men do insult their wife by words. They didn’t see here and there just go on insulting everywhere, even when the guests are around too. So there are some ways to make your husband avoid when he starts insulting.



You need to stay calm firstly:

First ever tip of dealing with your husband is to stay calm. He tried hard to take you in your words. But you need to stay calm. Just answer your husband in a very calm and polite way. This makes your husband calm down too.

Start mocking:

It’s hard to follow this type of tip. Because whenever you got insult by physical violence you got scarce on your body, but when your husband insults you by word, you got scarce on your soul that time. So whenever you feel that your husband is going to start an argument with you then you need to stay calm and start mocking. I know its bit hard but it also makes you feel better.

Have a notice on those words:

You need to ignore your husband’s words at the spot. But you have to go through with his words in some free time. May be those words are true.

Have a polite talk:

If you feel that those words are true, then you need to clear it up. But clearing mean isn’t that start a fight with a lot of nagging and yelling. But! You need to talk it in to polite mod. Be polite while talking.

Let him leave alone:

Whenever he starts an insulting session again, you don’t need to cut off his talk. Just get up and leave the room, and if it’s happening at the bed time. You need to ask him to stay silent or ask to get calm and polite first. If not then get out of there. Leave him alone.

Limit your conversation:

Limit down your conversation. Whenever he starts the insulting session again, you don’t need to answer him thoroughly or you don’t need to start a dispute again. Just stay calm and answer him in “yes or no”.

Talk about his behavior:

Take some time. Ask him that you need to talk to him. Shall we talk? But you need to judge it first that what your husband in mood is of. If he is in aggressive mood, it’s not the exact time. Talk to him by having promises that not to shout on you, and then talk politely about the whole situations. Ask him that how you hurt when you got insulted by your husband. May the situation got better than before.

Just ignore:

If the entire situation didn’t suites for the situation, just ignore him in all the ways. Don’t let him burst on you. And just ignore him. May be this will make your husband feel.


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