7 Products That Will Make Your Work-At-Home Life Much Easier

Now a day freelancer economy is on the escalation, according to researchers, 40 of the Americans will work independently by the year2020. For the people who are already working as freelancers “office” is not a place with only desk and a computer system and files, but a variety of things. And the best part is they can make changes liberally and according to their moods and tastes. If you are also a person working from home, you should know that you have the “luxury” of altering the environment exactly as you want to it to be. And for that you should know these amazing gadgets that will defiantly;

•    improve your efficiency
•    will make you comfortable
•    make life easier
•    healthier life
Take a look!


1.    Smart Pen

As a freelancer, you’ll likely invest hours in meetings, whether by telephone or at your clients’ workplaces. You will bring along a pen and note pad for those meetings, however you’ll then need to decipher your notes later. The smart pen captures your written data and transfers them to any device i.e., cell phone, Mac book, laptop, for later reference.

2.    Air Purifier


In case you’re spending throughout the day in the same spot, air quality will be more critical than ever. An air purifier utilizes sensors to identify and enhance the air quality all through a home, which you can feel. This will drastically lessen the allergens in your work zones, helping you feel better while you work. In an office, you will be unable to control your air quality, yet one of the extravagances of working as freelancer is that you’re responsible for your environment.

3.    Pomodoro Timer


Freelancers can experience issues concentrating on one task for drawn out stretches of time, particularly with such a variety of distractions around the house. The Pomodoro Method helps efficiency by compelling users to work for 25 minutes, trailed by a five-minute break. This timer makes it simple to compel yourself to complete work.

4.    Smartphone Charging

Freelancers necessarily check email for the whole day, looking for new assignments. Now and again, they may even utilize their cell phones to snap photographs or video. When you’re far from home, it can be hard to keep a charge. The LinearFlux LithiumCard is a Visa size gadget that guarantees to charge an iOS or Android telephone quicker than a wall charger.

5.    Standing Desk


Working as freelancer can be terrible for your health if you spend throughout the day sitting. Standing desks have gotten to be popular in workplaces; they’re available for home workplaces, also. With the right devices set up, freelancers can make a comfortable, healthy work environment that energizes efficiency throughout the day.

6.    Doorbell

One of the greatest burdens of working as a freelancer is that you’re there for the greater part of the way to-doorway salesmen and delivery personnel who visit at random times. With a Smart doorbell, you don’t need to leave your work area to answer the doorbell. You can see guests on your telephone’s screen and talk directly to them. In the event that you happen to be far from home for the day, you can in any case answer your doorbell as if you were home.

7.    White Board

A white board has for quite some time been a trustworthy way to track your projects and conceptualize thoughts. Smart Boards are cost restrictive, yet this app gives you a chance to change any tablet into a white board, then share your sketches to others. Best of all, it’s free. Regardless you might need to put resources into a white board for your office wall, though.
In addition to these gadgets, there are countless that can also bolster a freelancers’ work and help them profit as could be possible.

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