Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology Transfer


What is technology transfer?

The transmission of new technology from the pioneer to a secondary user is called technology transfer, especially when it is transferred from developed to developing countries as the purpose of bringing improvement in their economies.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of technology transfer which are as follow:

Advantages of technology Transfer

Advantages of technology transfer include:

Competitive advantage

As the world has become a global village and there is remarkable competition in almost all walks of life. Technology transfer has become very much important for commercial businesses in order to get competitive advantage over their competitors.

Research & Development

Another advantage of technology transfer is, it helps in research and development of a specific product which helps to take into account public and private need.

More customers and potential consumers

Latest technology transfer is also contributing in laying foundation of new markets and so new customers.

Sustainable economic growth

Another advantage of technology transfer is sustainable economic growth in the future. It will help in improving overall economic growth of the country.

Commercialized technology

Another long term advantage of technology transfer includes commercialization of technology.

Tremendous innovation in all business

Energy transfer has hugely contributed in all the fields of life such as education is becoming advanced by each passing day. It is getting modernized by the technological leading of the computers. Now it has become more convenient for the students to learn on international level even without leaving their classroom or study room.

Agriculture, on which the whole world relies, has got its processes improved after the process of energy transfer. Processes used in agriculture which once used to require number of labors can now be done automatically which has given a cost advantage to the farmers.

Technology transfer has also made tremendous success in medical field where medical discoveries has started to occur at a very high rate due to the advancements in research processes.

Higher education

Technology transfer is also contributing in higher education up to a great extent. There are new methods of teaching and advanced material for the students for staying up-to-date with the knowledge and information. It is also contributing a lot in reduction of prices by providing study material online. Tuition prices are also cut down due to the advancement in technology. There is increased accessibility to higher education even outside the country. Registration processes in foreign countries have become much easier.

Cost efficiency

Technology has overtaken the need of labor. This way the production cost has become quite lower.

Disadvantages of technology transfer

The disadvantages of technology transfer include:


Dependency is a great disadvantage of technology transfer as the society is becoming technologically advanced and people are now more likely to depend on their computers, laptops, tablets, and mobiles etc which are all forms of technology. Their everyday existence is becoming very much dependent on technology and a breakage in technology might make them disable to perform any task until the problem is fixed. This way people become less self-reliant and this enormous dependency on technology put the people at high detriment.

Worthlessness of human workers

Technology transfer has also played a huge part in lessening the value of human workers; this is a massive disadvantage of technology transfer. Now automated machines are to do the work of many people with one machine so the organizations don’t need to employ people to get their jobs done. It is also causing a rise in unemployment which will result in a grown disadvantage of technology transfer.

Problems in higher education

With the advent and transfer of technology the piracy has become irresistible. It has become quite difficult to protect intellectual property ownership. Many of the professors are now required to retrain in order to get the knowledge about applying latest techniques in teaching methods. Potential for corruption is also high now.

If a person loses access to the technology they may become incompetent in life and may have troubles continuing on. It makes life too easy and people become unfit and obese and they become reliant on the devices.

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