How you can Fight Depression through Technology and Mobile Apps

Depression and anxiety are exceptionally common issues that a many of us have these days. These are brought on by the distressing way of life that we have. A number of people don’t sleep enough, or have less than stellar diets and these add to the ruin of our mental wellness. Obviously, these conditions can be treated with expert help.

We can suggest some “technically-inclined ” methods for managing these issues. Obviously, we are discussing some mobile phone applications (iOS and Android) that individuals experiencing depression or stress can try.


Depression Inventory – Android

This application that permits clients to take an 18 question test which has the reason to make out how the user is feeling. Obviously, it doesn’t substitute a specialist, yet in the event that you’re feeling down; you can try it and see where you are.

Relax Melodies – iOS, Android

Individuals who experience issues going to sleep and staying asleep are tormented with anxiety and depression issues. It is useful for them to try unwinding just before sleep time, and this application can absolutely help with that. Research has demonstrated that music can calm the nerves and help you nod off. Relaxing Melodies makes use of 48 unwinding nature sounds, ranging from sea waves to white noise even a swaying fan, to help you alleviate your stresses at sleep time. You can make your own particular choice out of these songs and set a timer for them to stop playing when you nod off.

STAT Depression Screening PHQ-9 – iOS

This application will let users to rapidly see the 9-item depression scale (PHQ-9) and along these lines check whether they feel depressed. ALSO, the application can be used to watch treatment for those that are seeing a psychological therapist.

7 Minute Workout – iOS, Android

Physical activity is an incredible approach to support your mood, and it has a lot of different advantages as well. But, between work, family and your social life, not many individuals have time to go to the gym or do an hour of working out. A 7 minute workout target to take care of the problem but in case that you doesn’t have an hour for a workout; it’s still likely you have 7 minutes. It’s only seven minutes, yet its seven minutes of exceptional bodyweight works out, from squats to push-ups and planks, to make you get a handle on you’ve labored for 60 minutes.

Psych Drugs – iOS

In case you’re undergoing treatment for depression or other related health issues, then you may be keen on what drugs you are taking. This application will help you to look into any treatment you are taking and see data on what every pill does.

Depression CBT-self-help-guife – Android

This application will help the individuals who are depressed by permitting them to take tests, listen to unwinding music or do research on anxiety, depression and others mental problems.

eCBT Mood – iOS

Using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), this application can help the individuals who are feeling depressed or troubled to better their mood and feel more cheerful. It allows the user to make every day and week after week disposition appraisals and show them to their specialist later on.



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