Disadvantages of Using Laptop in Your Room

Excessive use of technology has become very much common among present generation. Technology is becoming more and more advanced by each passing decade. Beyond any doubt it has brought so much ease and convenience in our lives but excessive and wrong usage of it is spoiling our generation particularly.


Laptops are advanced form of PCs with an ease to process your data regardless of the fact where you do exist. Using laptop in your room clearly means its usage for long hours. Here is a list of disadvantages of using your laptop on your room for long hours.

Wastage of Time:

The biggest disadvantage of using your laptop for longer hours is wastage of time. You sit in front of your laptop and forget about all the other things while playing games, watching videos, random net surfing or interacting with people on social media. These activities waste all of your time you are supposed to spend in other important daily life activities or some productive work.

Poor effect on your studies:

When you waste time on your laptop for hours, it is understood that you are not paying proper attention and time even to your studies. It has proved as a huge disadvantage of using laptop in your room. They are the biggest distraction to the youth. Spending your time on laptop which you are supposed to spend in studies can cause failure to you. Your academic performance becomes zero.

Inclination towards skipping meals:

While sitting on laptop for longer hours, people forget to take their meal and hence tendency towards skipping meals rises. It leaves bad effect on both mind and the body as it is obviously unhealthy practice to skip meals which lowers energy level in your body and distorts proper functioning of the body.

No physical activity:

Excess usage of laptops make you induced towards less physical activity and you become extremely lazy and physically inactive. Outdoor activities have been replaced by gaming sessions on laptops which last for hours. Laptops have simply created a tech generation with no physical activity.

Obesity due to overeating:

Over eating is also a disadvantage of using laptop for long hours. We eat much, especially snacks etc while watching movies, listening music and doing other work on laptop. Physical activity goes to its minimal level and hence we gain weight. Sitting in front of laptop for so long causes fats to accumulate in your body which results in obesity which lays foundation for other severe ailments.

Poor Blood Circulation:

Another disadvantage of excessive use of laptop to your health is poor blood circulation in the body. When you keep on sitting in the same position for hours, blood can’t circulate in your body properly. Fatigue in limbs, painful cramps and blood clots can also be caused due to poor circulation of blood in the body.

Body Ache:

While using laptop for longer hours we don’t care about our pose and hence result end up in severe body pain, neck and shoulder strain and poor alignment of head. It may cause harmful everlasting harmful effects on your body.


90 out of 100 people feel their head getting little heavy and paining when they turn off their computer after using it for hours. Almost everyone complains headache who works in front of screen for hours. Our body and brain, of course need rest that is why after using laptop continuously we complain headache.

Effects on eyes:

It is another unpleasant disadvantage of using laptop for hours that we lose our vision. Staring on laptop constantly is very harmful for your eyes and leads to poor eye sight. It should be avoid using laptop excessively and if it is a part of your job then you must take breaks during your sessions with your laptop.

Other advantages of using laptop for long hours include high rate of cyber crimes, ending up your social life, insomnia, unhealthy addiction, depression and others.

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