How Hand Phone Radiations Affect Health?


How much time do you spend using your cell phone?

Do you know there are countless hazards and risks which are caused by cell phone?

Cell phones emit radio waves as long as they are switched on.

The number of cell phone users has increased rapidly in the last two decade. According to a study there are more than 8 billion mobile phones being used in the entire world which is amazingly a very huge number. With the passage of time numbers of calls per day, duration of each call and the number of people using mobile phones is increasing.

Cell phone Radiations:

Radio waves or electromagnetic waves or radio frequency waves are sent and received in all the directions in order to find the nearest base station and if you are a mobile user then it is obvious that many of the waves are directed to your. Body tissues and cells absorb these radiations. These radiations emitted from mobile phones create a high risk of tumors and other physical disorders.

Briefly, Radiation is a form of energy which travels through space in form of waves and is always around us. We are getting affected by radiations from earth, space and even from our bodies, everyday and every time.

How much do you get affected by cell phone radiations depends upon a few factors which are:

How long you use your mobile phone

How much time you hold your mobile phone closer to your body

How close you are to the base station. As much close you are, the radio frequency rays are stronger.

How Hand Phone Radiations affect health?

Mobile phone radiations affect health in many ways. Following health implications have yet been found.


Brain cancer rate has increased in the past decade. Thousands of deaths are caused due to this cancer which is the result of excessive mobile phone usage as it destroys the central nervous system. The risk of developing this cancer increases with the age.

From2010 through 2015, less than 10 brain cancer cases were found for every 1 million of people under age 60 and with approximately 20 cases for every 1 million of people who were more than 65 years.


Besides brain cancer and tumors, there are other tumors which are caused by excess mobile phone usage.

Dry Eye:

Dry eye syndrome is another disorder which is caused in people who use mobile phones for hours. This is a disease in which eye dryness is caused and which results in decreased tear production or increased tear evaporation.

There are a few other disorders which are caused by mobile phone radiations which are

Direct brain warming after prolonged use

Memory Impairment

Brain damaging

Blood vessels damage

DNA Damaging

Irreversible fertility

Skin problems

Red Blood Cells Damaging

Slowing down blood circulation

What can cell phone users do to reduce their exposure to radiofrequency energy?

There are a few steps that cell phone users can take to minimize their exposure to radio frequency waves emitted from cell phones and electromagnetic waves coming from base stations.

Reduce the use of mobile phones to shorter conversations rather than prolonged calls.

Use mobile phones only when landline phone is not in your access.

Use headset for listening calls which may be wired or wireless. It creates a reasonable distance between the phone and head of the user. Exposure to Radio Frequency waves decline dramatically when hands free is used.


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