How to Disconnect Yourself from Electronics/Technology


Take a pause. Think. Realize. Even on the right moment, are we interacting with each other in spite of sitting at the same place? The answer is a very clear “NO” and the reason of course is technology.

We are not just using the technology but we are relying on it too much which is of much disadvantage. This is the greatest detriment of the technology that we are shaping our lives according to it. As the time passes we come to know that we get so much into it that we find no way out other than technology. It destroys our creative skills.

So, what do you think what would be the end?

Technology is the most advantageous things of the current world but it mainly depends upon the ways of its usage.  Everyone should learn to what extent our lives should depend on it. Otherwise it will harm you severely by making irrecoverable losses to you as the time never comes back.

How to disconnect from technology?

There are various ways to get rid of excessive usage of technology. They might be quite useful for you and you might get escaped from technology by following them. Here are some of those ways.  go through these suggestions and get benefitted:

Make careful choices about time

Time is the most precious thing you have as once you will lose it, you won’t be able to recover it by any mean so this is strongly suggested to you to make careful choice about the allocation of this scarce and most precious source.

Realize the worth of time and ignore the things which are not essential. Allow yourself to utilize it in the prefect manner so that you might not repent in future. Be creative and learn skills which will help you in your future life rather than spending and wasting most of your time by staying connected with technology.

Try to be present for your loved ones

Technology has brought us together via social networking but has made as far away from people living in our surroundings. Nothing can replace a direct contact with your loved ones.

You should keep in your mind that the most treasured thing you can give to anyone is your presence and your attention. Now, in the world of technology, most of the people are less charmed with the face to face talk as they are more into tweeting, facebooking or emailing.

Try to have a disconnect time every day

If you want to disconnect yourself from technology, you should fix the hours for using technology and you may even let the people know about those times. Tell people your disconnection times so that they may know that you won’t be available for them for checking their messages and emails.  Rest of the time should be spent away from the technology while doing some other productive task or spending time with your loved ones.

Keep on reminding yourself the reasons of staying away from technology

You must be well aware with the reasons for staying disconnected from the technology. Reminding them will help you in staying away from it. This is something very important to be self-aware. You should know that you have to use technology only when you have to do some important task over the internet or to learn something or gathering some important information and so on.

Prefer the most important things to do

It might be quite challenging for you if you are not in control of your tasks and schedules. You should feel yourself obliged to do your daily life tasks. Leave yourself with a very little time at the end of the day so that you may not waste it in doing wasteful unthrifty things.

Get outside

If you feel you have nothing much to do after having done with your daily tasks then simply leave the technology behind and go for a walk or you may run, swim or ride. Enjoy nature by reaching some lake, rive or forest. Taking your family or friends with you can turn these moments into a quality time.

Spending time without technology would definitely bring positive transition in your life. You will get into new habits which must be quite pleasing and you will gradually forget your old habit which is quite destructive.

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