What Reasons are Making Smartphone too Popular?

The use of Smartphone has seen a nailed and fast increase over some time. Nowadays, any choice to purchase a Smartphone is one propelled by learning that a decent Smartphone can permit you to perform more than you imagined you could – whether expert or individual – and stay versatile.


I have gone over numerous imperative focuses that make Smartphone a need. Be that as it may, taking after are best of them:

Web Browsing

Web searching is one of the key properties of a Smartphone. Whether you have to stay aware of news up your work, or you need to know how your money (Investment) is doing, the Smartphone gives you a chance to surf the Web in your hand. You can analyze features or research better costs while out shopping, book travel courses of action, or look upward whether to go for extreme controlled eating routine or an adjusted eating routine with workout. In short by this you can surf in web to your heart’s will.

Easy texting

All the cell phones have text messages option, but a Smartphone makes it easy in many ways. Another very smart feature of Smartphone is virtual keypads. With these phones no hectic typing with keypad buttons, just touch the letters on the screen and your typing is done. You also can change your keypad preference like “QWERTY Keypad”. All it aims at is making texting happy and easy.

Social Networking

Social networking means to use a online platform to make Social contact over the internet all over the world, it allows the users to share their talent, emotions, interests at a quite wide stage. Smartphone makes the whole scenario very easy as you get all the activity notifications, new feeds and chat messages on your Smartphone. Social Media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+, Skype etc has just involved billions of people so yes to a easy to be sociable device.

Phone Camera

All the Smartphone come with Camera that allows both the still photo graphs and videos. Prior the Smartphone, people used to buy expensive digital cameras, camcorders and video cameras, but thank to Smartphone now people take pictures daily and make there videos and share those with their loved ones.

Mobile gaming

Smartphone are popular because of the thrilling and involving mobile gaming. All the Smartphone supports fantastic graphics and processing speed to make gaming more exciting. Mobile gaming is most popular among youngsters, with 60% enjoying games every day.

Online Media playing

The smart phone is truly an “all-in-one multimedia magic device” that brings enjoyment to you at anytime and at any place. Although men showed more interest in watching online movies and small video clips, but the online videos are being watched by all age groups and different surveys reveals a huge change in number of watched video now and a few year back.


Applications used in Smartphone are known as “Apps”, these are made to make our lives uncomplicated in many ways. Each App has its own purpose and works for a specific task only. There are almost 300,000 App out there that can be reached at any time and from anywhere. Every Smartphone have built in apps as well, whether it’s a game, a directional device, a theme or a photo editor.


Email is an important mean of conveying message and files, and playing its role in all the sectors. It require only internet and you can just send E-mail right from your Smartphone.

Some interesting Stats

that shows how people use their Smartphone:

Social networking – 60 percent
Texting – 78.7 percent
Take pictures – 98.6 percent
Use the internet – 90 percent
Emailing – 76 percent
Download Apps – 69 Percent
Gaming – 60 percent
Play Music – 64 Percent
Watch videos – 54 Percent
Post a photo or video online – 45 Percent
Participate in a video call – 13 Percent


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