Side Effect of Internet and Computer Addictions:

Now a day this problem is getting worst day by day, as computer and internet is spoiling the lives in case of wrong use of it. You need to be conscious of excess usage of internet and computer. There are side effects for the addicted internet and computer users


Sleeping disorders:

Scientists warned that excess use of the devices can make it hard to switch off at night. Depression claim takes place due to an excess level of using internet. It seems hard to sleep well in night. As exorbitance use of computer is susceptible to mental health problems, claimed by the researcher.

Back strains:

Back strains are common in computer job workers, but now a days it gets on peak, even though a school student do claim for the same pains, and yes! This is because of using irregular use of internet and computer including mobile phones.


Woman with pain in the back office


Due to a lot of stress on your mind and a lot of use of eye can easily cause headache. Some of the times having continuously work on computer may became the cause of headache. Because some extra negative electric wave makes you start headache. Some of the times due to extreme use of internet , laptop, mobiles and computer makes you the patient of a migrant, in which you have an extreme level of pain, which is unbearable.


Eye sight:

Harmful electro stress does affect the eyes of a human. Almost every computer carries its own radiations and emits electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on many different frequencies which are very much harmful for your eyes. And these rays make your eye sight weaker.



Pain and numbness in hands and wrists:

Pain and numbness takes place in hands and wrist, due to extra use of internet and computer. Specially having a hand on the mouse can affect the veins, they got pressure on hand veins using mouse cause pain.


Sexual profiteering:

A lot use of internet may cause sexual profiteering, because many of the sex profiteering are around the websites, that may cause unbearable effects of it. So first of all you need to limit down your kids internet timing.

Reduces the thinking power:

It also reduces your own capability of thinking power. As having an assignment from your professor, they are not going to make it themselves, they do copy paste process to make their assignment complete instead of using their own mind.


These activities can hamper their sleep, if you are using the computer that will cause you to become impassioned which makes it consolidated to fall asleep and stay asleep. Another reason is that light from the computer can also bassinet your melatonin suppuration. Melatonin is a hormone that is suppuration by our pineal gland which acculturate us sleep aggression. Receptors that are positioned in our retina which will take that light and send that significance to our brain that it’s time to stay awake. So you need to avoid it, if you are struggle for a humble sleep.



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