How Technology Can Save Your Relationship

Technology is incredible for staying connected in a easy way and sometimes subtle ways. A quick message to share all the happenings of the day can help your loved one feel closer. Indeed, even simply messaging a smiley face can do ponders for his or her warm emotions toward you.


Keep couples connected

Staying connected is the key when you are not with each other. An excess of distance can be deadly to any relationship. Conversely, couples get a significant bond when they feel like a part of each other’s lives. I’m certain there are number of people, for example, business officials, sales representatives, and military staff – who can bear witness to the benefits of Skyping and FaceTime. Even video messaging can make a brilliant email for your love to open. While chatting on the mobile phone helps amid long detachments, seeing your partner means something really special.

Keep love strong


Simply seeing your love one during that time can keep your love strong. Take a look at individuals’ work areas at work or around their kitchens at home and you will see pictures and different things of their friends and family. These things help them to feel close.
Obviously, Technology is incredible for this, as well. Screen saver photographs, pictures on your phone, and videos from fun times together are all modern and striking approaches to remain close.

Gift giving


Gift giving is a period regarded method for demonstrating your love and concern. Gifts come in numerous structures and need not be costly. For example, you can give a cruise get-away, a bouquet, or simply a love-letter. And again technology can be extremely helpful. It requires no time to send an e-card, however doing as such demonstrates that you care. Also, on the off chance that you are away, your tablet or phone can help a ton. With them, you can send any sort of gift, from flowers to a pizza with pepperoni on it fit as a shape of a heart.

Increase of intimacy

The study involved reviewing more than 30,000 members and watching 30 couples the span of 2 weeks. Researchers observed the couples behaviors when they didn’t listen to music for a week, followed by their behaviors when they listened music amid the same timeframe.
The most inportant analysis was the increase of intimacy and harmony when music was playing loud (paying little heed to the music sort). The observed impact was critical — with couples experiencing 66 percent more intimacy when music was a part of their day by day lives, and the normal physical distance between family individuals diminishing by 12 percent.
The science behind these results is fascinating yet doesn’t generally express the full story. When we listen to music, our brains discharge oxytocin, the same neurochemical discharged when you fall in love and when you have sex. It’s the preeminent pleasure chemical. This likewise tells why music makes us feel great and fix our bad mood.
Moreover, comparative tastes in music affect levels of perceived allure. The findings recorded that 59 percent of respondents discovered individuals more alluring when they were playing music that they loved.


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