Tips and ideas that help to reduce cell phone addiction

The majority of people now a day use their phone for social connections, games, web browsing, for Emails etc, It serve the purpose of cell phones, but using it for several hours, checking it after every 10 minutes for any new notifications, text messages, calls, that’s not anything normal. It looks like some kind of addiction. Teenagers are spending 9-10hours of day on their phone which is troublesome.


It is always hard to cut off an addiction, but things like cell phone shouldn’t take control over lives. It is also important to get rid of cell phone addiction because it has several side effects on our physical and mental health and our relationships. The more we get engaged with our phone the less we are close to people.

Here are some ideas that can possibly reduce cell phone addiction.

Consider the reasons for what you use cell phone

Smart allows 100s of task, along with text, video, audio messages and calls you may be addicted to any games, social Media Websites, i.e., Facebook, twitter, Instagram, skype etc. It’s time to re-think whether you are spending time on right thing or you are just wasting it. Think about what are the apps you really need to use and delete or uninstall other extra apps.


No phone in the morning and before bed

The most important thing you need is your will to reduce the cell phone addiction; people usually check their phones while they are lying in their bed, in bathroom, or while eating. When they wake up the first thing comes in the mind is Cell phone, thing they see before going to sleep in Cell phone, now do thing for your good say no to phone in the morning and before sleeping, doctors are constantly recommending not to use phone before sleep and keep it away from your bed.


Read news paper instead of Facebook news feed

If you use your phone for reading news feeds or E-newspapers, it is not really good idea, it affects your eyes moreover making you cell phone addict. Read real tangible news paper it will help you reducing the addiction.



Fix few hours or a day in which you won’t be using cell phone, tell your friend and family and other contact about that time in order to not miss any important call. It’s a way you can give you a break and use that time for other things like going to picnic, hiking, to see a friend. Just be determined and you can do it.

Turn off your cell phone during work/studies

People keep on checking their phone even while working and studying if shows their ultimate addiction, put your phone away, put it somewhere out of range or give to someone else for some time.


Don’t use phone while driving

The cell phone addicts use their phone even while driving, this can be deadly dangerous. Put your phone on silent mode while driving.


Change social media notification settings

Social media notification pop up every few minutes, change the settings of these apps to avoid checking your phone more often.


Find new interesting activities

You may become bored and dull with less use of your cell phone, do some new activities of your interest that you can do without phone and keep yourself busy.

Play Real games, see people in person

Playing real games like, cricket, badminton, board games, can help in reducing cell phone game addiction. image013

Chatting with people on your phone is less fun then seeing them in person it will make stronger relationships.



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