Ways to Modify Old Computer Technology


Today’s technology freak generation is very much reliant on technology gadgets. But they are not always given separate up-to-the-minute technology. This publication is written so that you can do to make the best of a bad situation. If you are stuck with an old computer, crappy and slow computer, here are some solutions for you:

Focus on regular maintenance

Before doing something dire to your computer you must make it sure that it is not being slowed down by something. Just troubleshoot your computer system. If any problem is just due to its old age, make sure that you do regular maintenance on your machine. You can try reinstalling your OS from scratch, but it’s worth noting that with the proper care and maintenance of your system.

Use programs which are less trashy

Switching to something less crappy makes you feel that t here is a world’s difference in how your computer used to run before and how does it run now. If you still use adobe reader, Norton antivirus or iTunes, you should switch right away. Always go for the right products which run much faster on your computer. The less you strain your machine with bloated programs; the better will be the running of its programs.

Boost the speed of the programs you use the most

Sometimes, you come across with a problem of not running your good programs to run their fastest and this is a very common problem as most of the times, good programs are optimized this way that they don’t run faster.fpr example if you are using a browser which is running slowly, then you are recommended to pick a browser which is built for high speed. You can make it faster by reducing the size of its history by transferring its caches to RAM disk.

Enhance your external hardware

Sometimes all you need to make your computer better is to get an upgraded hardware. Now computers are not only just about speed, they also offer better external hardware. If you are not adjusted with your keyboard or mouse, change it right away. Replace your old CD burner with a new one. You may also get an external drive to free some space on your internal drive.

Get the upcoming features now

Don’t be disappointed of you feel that your computer system is not going to be supported by upcoming operating system; you can get a lot of those feature now. For example if you are using a Mac, you can get Mountain Lion’s entire feature right now.

Install an operating system with lighter weight

After getting disappointing by applying all the above methods, there comes another trick. Install a new operating system in your PC which is lighter in weight. Any flavor of Linux may give your computer a great speed boost.

Recycle your computer

If you find that your all tools have failed and you could not make any improvement in your current computer system then this is the time to buy a new one. There are lots of suggestions for you to repurpose your old computer such as you can use it for storing files, torrenting for all the time, backing up your other machines etc. and you have taken the decision to get rid of then recycle it in a proper way.

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