Ways to Earn Money Online:


With the advent and abundance utilization of web, it has turned out to be anything but difficult to take a shot at web and earn money while staying at home. You can make suitable utilization of your abilities such as singing, composition, blogging, voice-over, photography, data entry and so on. Following are the ways which you can choose to adopt over web and gain as much cash as you need:

Sell Domain Names:

Domain name is simply a website address. There are lots of extensions of domain names such as .com, .net, .pk, .co and so on. You just need to find available domain names possessing commercial value, snap them and list them for sale on a site. They cost a little to register.


Doing freelancing, you have to work from your home or office. It is in some ways similar to blogging. But there are a few differences. A freelancer needs to be more experienced than a blogger because many freelancers have to write specialized topics for online publishing while many need expert knowledge on the topics to be written on. If you really want to write and you know much about travelling, foods etc then a freelancing job can be a good source of earning for you.

If you have a few simple skills, there are so many freelancing jobs waiting for you. Writing is not the only way to make money through freelancing. Graphic designing, programming and many other skills can be utilized while working as a freelancer. Doing job from home is the best part of freelancing.

Online Teaching:

With increasing competition in the field of education great pressure has been suppressing today’s generation specially those who are in middle and high classes. They need to get prepared in a way to pave their path to higher education and obtaining highest grades.

People are now having high speed internet connections at their homes. This trend has given birth to another trend that is internet based tutoring and teaching service. Therefore, you can apply online for these jobs. There are thousands of websites over internet which provide you these online jobs. Moreover, you can start your own teaching service online as tutors are in heavy demands now a days.

Blogging, Blog/article writing

If you really want to earn money while sitting at home and working online, you can go for blogging. Blogging is something which provides you with the opportunity to pour out your endless thoughts. You may also call it as article writing. When a person starts up for personal blog, he signs up for some ad service i.e.Google Adsense. This ad service posts those sponsored links you have been seeing for long on the websites. By clicking on those ads, you earn many. The more times you click on them, the more you earn.

If your blog is continuously interesting , companies may approach you which advertisement on your blog.

Google Adsense:

Google adsense is one of the ways you can adopt for earning online. If you find it too technical form you then there is a button. Advertisement platform of Google is very simple just as signing up, pasting a small code on your website and to get the advertisement rolled in automatically.

Writing and selling your E-Boooks:

Writing books and then selling them over internet is something which may bring lots of money to you. If you are a good writer and you prepare your own notes and want to share them with other people, then putting them on internet is a great way to earn money.

There are a few sites available on internet which lists your books, so you don’t have to go out and promote your books yourself.

Earn money through youtubeby publishing videos:

There are billions of videos uploaded on Youtube and the number is increasing day by day. Now, more videos are being searched and watched on youtube than Google. You can make profit by making and uploading videos on youtube. You will get a reasonable ratio of the advertisement revenue collected per thousand views of the video uploaded by you. You can make a lot of money but it depends on how successful you are.

Design and Sell websites online:

Developing and selling websites on internet is another way to earn via internet. You make websites while sitting at your own home of office and put them on website. The potential purchaser will contact you and buy your website. People, now a days learning huge cash from this activity.

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