10 Things Brides Often Forget to Do


Getting marred is something new you are going to experience. From getting a date finalized for the wedding day to the moment when you say “I do” and completing your vows, there are countless things to do. Making all of the final arrangements is quite hectic but when you are done with it, you feel quite relieved.

Every bride wishes to get the thing done in a perfect manner and sometimes in a confusion about how the things will go on, she forget some important things to do. Here is a list of a few things which brides often forget to do while making preparations for the big day. Have a look!

Write a love note to the groom

“Love always requires tangible expression.”

Don’t forget to write down a sweet and lovesome note to your groom. You may express your excitement about finally becoming his life partner. It will make you surprise to see how much positive effect it lays on the nerves of your guy.

Final dress Fitting

This is something which is very crucial. Wear your wedding day dress and check of there is need of any alterations. This should be done at least a day before the big day of your wedding so that you may not rush in last minutes in case of the requirement of any alterations and on the wedding day you may pick your gown in a condition where it is ready to wear.

Assigning a point person

Another important thing is finding someone who can make a promise with you about staying right beside you on your wedding day. That will the person who will take care of each and everything on the wedding day from collecting your gifts to checking the venue after everyone will be gone just to check if anything has left behind on that place.

Gove your caterer a final headcount

You will want to give an accurate headcount as close to big day as possible in order to make sure that the caterer make the right quantity of food for the guests without too much waste. You should provide this information to the vendor a few days before the reception so that they may plan accordingly.

Pick up rings

You should pick up your wedding bands a few days before the wedding day. Get your engagement ring cleaned so that it may shine perfectly on the ceremony.

Get your marriage license

You should be well aware of the particular wedding requirements of you state. Usually you will need to get a marriage license between 24 hours to 2 months before yours wedding. It is important to make sure that your wedding will be valid and lawful.

Guest Book

Get a guest book which may be traditional or a bit unique. Don’t forget to set aside a space for your guests to leave a note on this guest book. This is a way full of fun to look back on the day of your wedding in the years to come.

Make sure your bridal shoes are comfortable

Your wedding ceremony is going to be a big day and you are going to rock those heels for longer hours until you can bear it. You should go for a comfy pair of shoes for you so that you might not become uncomfortable on the special day.

Cake cutting accessories

If your venue or catering company does not provide a cake stand, a cutting stand and champagne flutes and you are planning to do a cake cutting then bring the accessories with you.

Thank you and love notes

Don’t forget the stationary for writing the thank you and love notes.


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