Best Invitation Ideas for Bridal Shower

Bridal shower is the function celebrated in western countries for the purpose to give gifts to the bridal. All the close friends and relatives are invited in this function. This function finds its roots in old times when it used to be held in order to help the parents of the bride for the expenditures of the marriage function.

In old days when dowry was in custom and in a condition if father was not able to give dowry then bridal shower named function was originated basically to help the parents of the bride for giving dowry. Now the purpose has changed and certain changing’s has taken place. At the present days bridal shower is celebrated just to make the bridal feel special.

To invite people on this function you need to send them invitation card as people feel honored at receiving cards. This function is usually organized by the bridesmaid or the closed friends of the bride. They are supposed to do all the arrangements on this day.

So the responsibility of making the cards also lies on their shoulder. First you need to think of a theme for the function so the card would be according to it. You can ask people to be dresses in a particular kind of costumes or you can select a specific color for the function but whatever you do must inscribe on cards to make people aware about your theme or planning.

You can select your theme according to the season or upcoming festival. As Halloween is drawing near so you can make your arrangements according to this festival. Also design your card in accordance to your idea of celebrating the event. It’s up to your choice whether you want to have a card with funny and interesting style pattern or the decent one.

But whatever you do, keep your budget in mind. If you cannot afford readymade card designed beautifully then try to make cards by yourself. This activity will be very interesting for you. And it is not a very hard task as the inviters are not great in numbers. On this occasion only a few number of peoples are invited so it will be easy for you to make cards on your own.

All your preparation will show others about your excitement and happiness for the marriage of your beloved friend. Try to do something new and lovely to make the function memorable for everyone. And people can assume hoe the function is going to happen through the card you sent them for invitation. So be careful and conscious about cards as they are going to be your first impression. Some cards are shown here which are looking magnificent and adorable. You can adorn the cards with ribbon and flowers. Both will look decent and stylish.


If you are in a mood of a blast on the day and want to make your card so then you can make interesting cards with interesting inscription on it. You can design different images and design on the cards. Keep in mind to write clearly about the day and time of the function as it should not make people confuse. Write the timing and place unmistakably on the cards. And write your invitation on the top in a well-mannered and respected way.


Thus it provides a good opportunity to you to make the bride feel proud having friends like you. Check out the list properly whether all the important guests are invited. And do not overlook the first thing being shown to others from you and that important thing is your card. Make beautiful cards with beautiful design and crafted intelligently.

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