Best Surprises for Bride from Bridesmaid


A bridesmaid may be the closest friend or the sister of the bride, a typically young woman who is always very keen to make the wedding ceremony of the bride memorable. She is also called the maid-of-honor. Married bridesmaid is called matron-of-honor. Bridesmaid is the integral part of a wedding which contributes at maximum extent in all the bridal events. Brides don’t demand for special things from the bridesmaid but if you are a bridesmaid, you should do the absolutely best.\

Best surprises for bride from bridesmaid:

Here we are providing you some guiding tips if you want to surprise the bride.

Surprising welcome:

A surprising welcome to the wedding lawn or hall may cause very delightful feelings to the bright. Being a bridesmaid, you should make special preparations in this regard. Let the bride experience the finest dining in the beautiful environment. Roses and other flowers add so much into the beauty of the atmosphere, so make them the part of your warm welcome.

Slideshow of memories:

There is another idea which will make the bride exceptionally excited and happy. The bride should be given surprise by showing a slideshow of photos from her childhood till now. It will be a matchless way to recall those beautiful memories.

Choreographed dance:

Prepare a beautifully choreographed dance for the bride and I am sure it will be the most unique wedding day surprise ever. It would be the prettiest one, when would be presented to the bride.

Present her a photo album:

There are always some photographs since our childhood to our grown age which we want to keep with us always. Just collect the photos and make a beautiful album for the bride. Add not only the photos of the bride but also of the mom, dad, siblings, friends and others in close relationship with the friend. Try to put maximum and most alluring memories within the album so that whenever the bride looks at those pictures, they may bring a smile on her face.

Make the party full of fun:

As the wedding comes once in your life so the party should be as wonderful as it can be. Being bridesmaid, you should put maximum fun to amuse the bride and to make the party memorable.

Make announcement:

For introducing the bride and groom to each other, make an unforgettable announcement. A beautiful speech with little bit humor and lots of prayers , at the end of the ceremony, would definitely bring smile on bride’s face and it will amuse her a lot.

Book a Bridal Portrait Session:

Photos are something which whenever we see, take us to old times and refresh the memories in our mind. This is the time to collect the memories. Make arrangement for perfect photo shoot by booking a bridal portrait session. The session will also allow the bride and groom to spend some quality time together.

Set a table for Two:

Arrange a table for the bride and the groom for private breakfast on the very next morning after the wedding night. It will bring joy to both of them.


Make the couple go out with a bang and make them surprised with a firework display at the end of the night.


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