Healthy Diets That Will Make You Feel Fresh On Your Wedding Day

No doubt wedding day is real stress because it’s special day of life. There are lots of things to do which can go wrong and spoil your special moment. We have seen that most of beauty guru guides soon to be brides to take beauty treatments, exercise and green tea to get fit.

All physical activities are waste if you are not having a good diet. When it comes to wedding, bride tries not only to get fit in her bridal dress but also to look beautiful naturally because in western tradition, brides wears light makeup in order to reflect out her inner freshness and charm.

We are going to discuss out some of foods that you should take and also what you should not take before wedding. Things which you need before your wedding Start your day with hot water as it has number of benefits.

It makes your skin glowing and promotes healthy hairs. But also results in removing toxins from body. Try to start your day with fresh hot water. It promotes weight loss. Add avocado in your diet as it has many benefits. It is full of fibers which is best for your gut.

Try to add avocado in your diet in minimal meals. You can add mixture of veggies with protein full bacon also in your diet. Don’t take a ll meals in one day you can switch breakfast, lunch and dinner as you like because same routine in breakfast, lunch and dinner may create sense of boredom.

Have you ever think of adding small healthy snack? I mean to say pure milk, healthy seeds like chia seed, some nuts and dry fruit. You can also go for fresh fruit. Make sure that your every meal is gut healthy.

Add oyster in your food because it’s best for your sexual and overall body health as it is filled with omega fatty acids that is good for our body. Don’t go over handed with oyster. You have to add oat meal in your diet for sure. Things which you should not eat before wedding day.

Here are some things which you should avoid if you are planning to look best on your wedding day
First of all say good bye to artificial sweets which can not only make you fat but also your skin start showing aging signs and you can look older than your age.

Don’t use broccoli when you are at near your wedding day. Broccoli is said to be power house but it is hard to digest and may cause gas problems in gut. Avoid high fat cheese because it will make you fat speedily.


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