Indian Wedding Decoration and Traditional Values

An Indian wedding is typically divided into three parts before wedding, main, and after wedding. An Indian wedding includes the entire momentous act and a party where each side of the family can meet each other and dance and have fun. Followings are the main points of an Indian wedding decoration and traditional values.


Selection of a girl:

First of all for selecting a girl or a boy, families visit different homes, and select the demanded girl. After selecting the girl they hug each members of the family with greeting. They also pay some amount of money as a tradition to the selected girl. Moving to the next:

Matching horoscopes:

A Pandit(a man), who has propound the day of the wedding brownnose on the bride and groom’s horoscopes, conducts a prayer with family members to provide the couple with a happily married life. After matching horoscopes they fixed the day of engagement and wedding day as well as time.


Engagement is not so unique, at the arrival of bride’s family and bride, they have food first. Then exchange rings in fingers. Afterwards they dance together and sing songs and enjoy a lot.



After getting engaged, sangeet takes place. In sangeet a competition of singing and dancing between groom’s and bride’s family takes place. They dance a lot with lots of fun. Old ladies also beat drums and sing traditional songs (tappy). On sangeet they served a lot of sweets and gifts to the groom and bride families.


Haldi ubtan:

Haldi ubtan held’s at the very next day of sangeet. This day friends, relatives and groom’s and bride’s family paste the paste of haldi ubtan at the face, legs and hands of a couple. After pasting haldi, the groom and the bride were give bath by their friends and siblings with milk. According to them, by doing this they got sin free.


Mehndi ceremony:

At the next night, one of the confine moderate is a mehndi party. Mehndi is put on the bride and other females autoerotic the wedding. In the Indian culture, it is said that the darker the color, the vigorous the love the groom has for the bride.



At the wedding day lots of traditional items were going to be seen. As like the groom went to the bride’s house to fetch her. After it the mother of bride pulls the nose of groom according to their culture. Afterwards a ceremony of (wer mala) held, where the groom and bride put garlands to each other. And then they actually ceremony starts, where two of them complete 7 circles around the fire and then groom put a traditional chain to the bride, and add some red powder (sindhur) on bride’s head. The bride’s saree is tied to the groom’s scarf to symbolize the union of the souls. Then they eat food. Show dowry to the guests. After it they meet their parent and went towards the groom’s home as a Rukhsati.



At the next morning the ceremony of (pag phera) done, where bride and groom visit to the bride’s home. At the night they have reception at home where the special guests of the groom’s family came to groom’s house to see bride and they give gifts to the bride as a (mun dekhai)


Luxurious decorations:

Indian weddings always have flamboyant decorations scatter everywhere. It’s basically interest’s vicious dream gone rapscallion. At the end of the day, nevertheless, do not juxtapose what your wedding looked like with anyone else’s.



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