Outfits for The 2016 Pakistani Weddings

0. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016

The season of the wedding is  start because many  people  decide the wedding  date after the eid and  now eid is  finished the weddings  ceremony are  start  and when any ceremony is organized the first thing which comes in the mind of ladies is that  what dress should be wear on the wedding and all are conscious about their grooming they don’t like to do  the other girl copy her  and she wants to look  different  from the others   the dress selection is a tough  work  because in the wedding ceremony three   many functions are arranged  before and after  wedding .

Pakistani girls are   very  beautiful because the Asian countries are full of beauty  so for the selection of their dresses they  go  out for  a market  and  invest much money on the shopping of dress  because some like the  heavy dresses and some wants to go with the  light  dresses  different styles are inn in the fashion  no one follow the traditional  dresses rather many designs and styles are  carried the   people have live the  shalwar kameez and  duppata  the latest bride is not carry the  traditional   dress then how much it can be  possible that the other girls will follow the    old customs .

Now a day’s gowns, long train,  max ,skirt ,  Capri ,  cigarettes pants ,tunics , tulip pants  and  Anarkali frocks and  dhoti shalwar are  in the fashion so stay  with us and see the different  collection of the  dresses.

Purple   fully embroidery dress:

1. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016

The girls who want  to attend the ceremony of brat  and the sister ,friend and the cousin of brides or  a groom then they can carry the high and low   open dark purple  color dress  with the   straight cut pajama  in   bottle green color is nice choice  three quarter sleeves fully embellished  dress  for the best traditional look you can carry the bottle green color duppata with the    brown ribbon and the  brown pumps are right  choice to wear in a wedding  with it you can carry the silver jewelry and the  bangles.

Anarkali frock:

2. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016

For the  wedding function it is not compulsory that you wear fancy and heavy dresses your dress should be simple and elegant   beige color anarkali frock is very beautiful  it is pleated and very simple on the   border only  fancy bnarsi style patch is used  and  the separate   embroided fancy jacket is carried by her  you can carry the  same color chiffon duppata with it   because it is a traditional dress anarkali  our  royal  ladies were carried these dress with their full pomp and the  splendor   leave your hair  open.

Kurti with the   pajama:

3. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016

On the  Mehendi ceremony the trend of the yellow ,green, pink ,and red is  finished  no people are carrying the  all   colors on the mehendi  skin color  with the bold red is very nice combination it is  knee length shirt with the embroided pajama and the  intricate designs are used on the shirt   it is made  of motifs sequence  and the  beads are used on  the shirt the hemline is fully   decorated with the bell bottom style sleeves . You are looking gorgeous with the skin duppata patched with the red color you can carry nude high heel sandal with it and the red pumps are also good with the  red jewelry.

Sarree for the wedding:


4. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016

It is the desire of many girls that they will carry the sarree   on the wedding of their  sister and the  brother  so in the 2016 the trend of sari will be increased  so   you can select this   net stuff sarree  embellished with the appliqué work  the sarree is embroided in the floral prints   with the strapped  and short blouse.  You can carry silver jewelry with the pointed silver pumps it is good choice. Make the chignon bun and a tiara is good with the sarree.

Pastel colors dress:

5. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016



The wedding season s here then the summer season  has not say us good bye   so for   attending the marriage it is not compulsory for you that you wear  fully bold and the fancy dresses on the wedding rather you can carry pastel color dress with the pastel combination  high and  low floral   open gown   is very  beautiful  the  floral sleeves with the silk patch on the sleeves and the  hemline is making your dress   attractive intricate thread work embellishing   gown with the churi pajama  and silver high heel sandal  is good but you can carry the white color  flat pumps are also  well .

Angrakha Anarkali frock:

6. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016


White color is very  sophisticated and  when  it is worn in the  different colors it looks fabulous the angrakha style  s a traditional style and it  was carried by the  previous people but now it is again  in the fashion  you can carry this type of frock on  the walima function  angrakha style Anarkali  sleeveless  fancy wide patch on the border and the  fully  frock is embellished with the fancy patch.  The combination with the sky blue is nice fancy duppata in the sky blue is decent but with it you can carry the orange and green color duppata also then it is good outfit for the mehendi ceremony.

Open style dress:

7. Pakistani wedding dresses 2016


Now a day the open style   dresses are in the trend   then you can carry the contrasted dress it is up to you which contrast do you like most  these dresses are available   in readymade and you can also stitched it  according to your choice.  Skin color  Capri  trouser  with the open shirt sky blue  color open shirt is fully embellished  with the  stones ,motifs and sequences  you can   wear the sky blue and metal color  printed duppata on this dress  high heel nude sandal is  nice selection but you can carry the wedge heel, sandal  also.


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