The Problems With Arrange Marriage:

The marital reunion where bride and groom are chosen by their families may sometimes raise a hard situation. Such kind of marriage is usually done in most parts of Asia. Some people are of the view that there is no difference between love and the arranged marriage, while the other group of people thinks quite opposite.



Here we are listing down a few problems that arise when the marriages are arranged by the families rather than the two who are going to get tied in this relationship:

Collision of Behaviors:

In arranges marriage, as the partners are not sufficiently aware of each other’s behavior so chances of collision are high. They don’t know likes, dislikes, wants and feelings of each other.

Less Frankness:

In the beginning they feel difficulty in speaking to each other about any problem. This thing may take some time to overcome.

Odd feelings:

You may feel like your wedding is not your own as you don’t know the family and the person you are going to get married.

Placing blame on family:

It is very common in arranged marriages that in case if the husband and wife may not create a bonding then the parents are blamed because it is considered their fault to make this match.

Lack of understanding:

Not in all the cases, but this problem may be caused among many couples which if not be rehabilitated sooner might lead to depression and hence divorce.

Losing own identity:

Most of the times, people lose themselves while trying to find themselves. Making oneself according to the liking and disliking of your counterpart, one may lose his/her identity.

Love takes second priority:

Love hides itself somewhere in background where children are told to decide with their head and not with their heart. They don’t feel any passionate life when the marriage takes place.

Extended family interference:

Most of the marital arguments are solved only when the spouses are involved in making them settled. But in arranges marriages, it is impossible to keep your extended families away from your matters. When in-laws interfere, it can cause hurdles in your relationship.

Lack of privacy:

Lack of privacy can also be caused due to the external interference by relatives. It disturbs the married life of the couple. If they have got married following the choice of their families, they should not at least let them poke their noses into their personal affairs.

Family Feuds:

Family feuds can also be caused due to arranged marriage if it was imposed forcefully. It is possible that one of the partner might be involved with someone else and don’t want to get married to the person their family have chosen for them. If the families don’t show consent on the choice of the individual and bound him into the new forced relationship, it may cause fights and eventually worst consequences.






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