Ridiculously Nail art For Wedding Anniversary

Nail art is a creative activity that draws different designs on finger nails and now it has become the fashion trend of the day and women decorate not only finger nails but also toe nails with this art. It is also a creative way to embellish nails with stickers, patterns and appliqués. This fashion activity can be done usually after manicure and pedicure and girls and women embellish their nails with this art at every special occasion including wedding ceremony, formal or casual parties, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries too because nail art can complement their dress. And this article is about the nail art for wedding anniversary.

If you simple are not a fan of bright colors as red, pink, purple, green and blue then there is no need to use them just pick your favorite black and add pattern of heart in white color and make your nails beautiful. And you can decorate your each nail with a different pattern with black nail paint stamped hearts in one nail and if hearts are not your thing then decorate the others with different flower patterns.
If your dress is white and you want to embellish the nails with white then the most important thing is you should keep your nails healthy and strong so that you may get naturally long white nails  designs.

Use varnish pink color as base and then use your imagination to color the white flowers and sprinkle some glitter on it. This special creativity can give a very delicate look to your nails which is perfect to your dress. Some girls like to paint the design of lace placed in the dress and this is called lace fingernails and also love to decorate the nails with additional elements to enhance their nice look and the best option is to use stones and beads for making your nails gorgeous and beautiful.

Whit is the most commonly used color because it symbolizes innocence and perfection and it represents the rebirth of a new life and you can create image of a couple on your nails as shown in the picture. Adding some sparkle and glitter to your nail polish can make your nails stylish and you can embellish your nail paint with some metallic silver colors and make some figures in black color and make your nails beautiful and unique.
By reading this article you will you will choose the best nail design that fit your attire.

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