Shyness is Necessary for a Bride

“A woman’s best jewel is her shyness.”


Shyness is a feeling which usually occurs in unfamiliar situations or while interacting with people you are meeting for the first time. A wedding event for a bride is the same situation with which she is quite unfamiliar and going to interact with so many people whom she is going to probably see for the first time.

This reading is depicting a title “shyness is necessary for bride”. Here shyness doesn’t refer to the feeling of apprehension or lack of comfort or awkwardness. It is just about her dealing with others. Shyness adds more into the beauty of a bride. A bride which is talking less and presenting a shy smile on her lips looks more charming and enchanting. The groom finds her more adorable if the bride is shy.

A bride should look shy but not confused or apprehend. In this article we will tell you how a shy bride should manage her shyness so that it may not be revealed and may not make others feel like the bride is scared or confused:

Throw smile:

You just don’t need to stay very much reserved. Smile!

It’s amazing how infectious a smile is and how quickly it helps to bridge the gap between people.  This is one of the most wonderful days of your life, let it show.

Meet friends and relatives:

Meet everyone who comes to see you. Hug them. People on your wedding do care about you and love you. Love on them back.

Don’t focus on thinking:

Try not to think. If think, think positive. Thinking might show that you are confused or worried.

Let others make you feel comfortable:

Get into talks with others. Ask and tell random things to them. For example you may ask them about how was their journey while they were coming to join you on your wedding etc.

Try to make yourself relax:

Imagine yourself as you are totally relaxed, comfortable and happy. Don’t think about the things which may make you feel uncomfortable.

Have positive self-talk:

This step should be started following a few days before wedding day. Have often chats with yourself and make yourself realize that everything is going to be just fine. Have positive self talk 2 to 3 times a day.

Feel “you can do it”:

Don’t hesitate about the things. Just remind yourself you can do anything.

Getting into a relationship with new family and people is of course something unusual but don’t let the situation make you worried or confused.

Do relaxing things:

Yeah doing relaxing thing would also prove helpful at the time of your wedding. Inhale and exhale deeply. Perform some exercise in the morning which may keep you relax the whole day. You may get some advice about it from exercise trainer.

Talk to someone:

Having a conversation over the situation with some close family member or a friend would help you a lot in managing your shyness. Just talk to them and share what you are feeling at the moment. They would listen you and would give you appropriate suggestion you must follow. Moreover, you would feel quite relax after sharing with some close person.

Practice all above:

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