Things to do Night before your Wedding


There is a huge to-do list on your wedding which you have to follow to finally get all the things done in an appropriate manner. Most of the times some very essential things are ignored or forgotten which later might cause confusion or worry for you.

Here is a list of important things you should remember to do the night before your wedding so that you may confidently move forward and welcome a new life waiting for you. Just have a look:

Activate silent mode on your phone

This is something very important to silent your phone if you want to complete your final tasks on the night before your wedding. So, say goodbye to checking and answering text messages. Just turn it on silent and handover to your maid-of-honor.

Have manicure and pedicure

Manicure and pedicure don’t only make your hands and feet look clean and beautiful but also add into your confident. Massage your feet and pamper yourself on the night before wedding.

Pack your personal items in a bag

Pack a bag with all your personal items you have to carry with you as a post reception bag. Hand it over to your wedding point person who may make sure that its waiting for you in your hotel room.

Pack all the items you will need on wedding day

Pack another bag with all the items you will be needing on your wedding day so as you might not face the difficulty on the wedding day when you wake up in the morning.

Prepare a survival kit

Another important thing to do is tossing a bunch of must-have item into a small bag in case you might need them anytime. They include band-aids, packet of antibiotic tablets, hair ties and safety pins.

Cash on hand

In case of any last-minute emergencies, you might need some cash. So this is suggested to have some amount nearby so- that you may cope any such situation without getting into trouble.

Assign someone to be there all the time on wedding day

There must be a person assigned to be there with you all the time whose role will be to collect all the wedding gifts at the end of the day and make a final sweep of the venue to make sure that nothing has left behind them.

Don’t forget to write a love note

Something which is very much important and you must be done with at the night before your wedding is to write a love note for your groom, which should be brief and sweet. It must be able to remind the guy who will be waiting for you that he is the love of your life.

Practice deep yoga breaths

Yoga helps a lot in getting relaxed and calm both mentally and physically. On the night before your wedding day, have 5 minutes of meditation and deep breaths so that you may become calm before you go into your bed before a sleep. It will help you in getting a peaceful sleep.

Drink plenty of water

Spend some quality time with water and other healthy fluids such as fresh juices. It will keep you from getting dehydrated which is often caused at times of stress. Drinking a lot of water also helps your skin to look fresh and radiant.

Eat a healthy meal

You might have a desire to eat something junky or so but right now, you need to eat fresh fruits and whole grains only so that you may feel healthy and refreshed on the big day.

Take a peaceful and sound sleep

It is very important to take a sound sleep before your wedding day so as to look fresh and active. Looking lazy and lethargic may affect your wedding day roughly.

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