Ways to Avoid Family Drama on Your Wedding Day


Wedding day is the event you want everyone to remember as a remarkable occasion full of beauty and romance, not one full of acrimony, bitterness and displeasure. This is still possible to have a family drama-free wedding day even if you have a very popular for its drama. Here are a few tips for avoiding drama on your wedding day:

Tips to avoid family drama on your wedding day

Here are a few tips you can get benefitted from to avoid family drama in your wedding day:

Don’t discuss wedding details

It is suggested not to have discussion with your family over the wedding details in which you and your fiancé are not united.

Get some advice

Communicate with your fiancé about making an appointment with some therapist to have a discussion over expected issues on your wedding day. Get the expert advice about handling those issues together.

Change the tradition

Decide that you would walk alone with your partner the hallway and reject a bridal party as the relative might dangle a line.

Engage someone as ombudsman

Rely any of your close friend for the purpose of counseling and turning aside the family member and relatives.

Get Generous

When people feel invested they are more likely to behave in a better manner. You should consider putting all the parents in the invitation.

Announce a time to talk

Tell your family that you will listen all of their wedding issues for an hour or even days, but not on the wedding day. Decide a specific time and let them know, stick to your announcement.

Feel responsible but stay relax

It is suggested not to bow down to the need of every person. Feel comfortable with all the decisions that have already been made.

Stay happy and humorous

When you find that people around you are losing their sense of humor, you just hold onto yours. Keep in mind that you are having best time of your life and you are not supposed to spoil these moments.

Practice Non-Avoidance

People are of the view that they will stir up the situation by talking about it, but the reality is quite opposite.

A mother, who is given the chance to say, it kills me that your father is going to be there with his new wife,’ is the mother who is less likely to throw a glass of champagne in anger.

Don’t react, bur respond

Sometimes it becomes quite hard to conceal your reaction but it is about your wedding day so you just have to respond. Responding means you’ve had an intervening thought. Don’t go with empathy. Act in kindness but not in kind.

It is important to Take a Time-Out

You don’t have to RSVP yes to every fight you’re invited to. If your sister starts getting feisty say, this isn’t going to be productive. Raise the topic again when tempers cool.

Speak in right tone

Rather than saying to your fiancé, I hate your mother, so you need to talk to her. Say, this is a painful situation for me, and I need your help to get through it.  It’s the difference between asking someone to have your back and demanding that they execute your need.

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