Ways and Ideas of a Confident Smile on your Wedding Day


Wedding is one of the biggest and memorable occasions of your life and everyone desires to look beautiful with an enchanting smile on their face, especially in all of their wedding photos as they are going to stay with you for good. Not everyone is happy with how they look while smiling and luckily there are ways to improve it. There are varieties of ways which make you smile confidently on this most special occasion.

How can I get confident smile on my wedding day?

There are so many things you can do on daily basis on order to get a perfect smile for your wedding day and make it more memorable with your sparkling smile. Have a look on few of those:

Avoid a few foods

Foods which are able to leave stains on your teeth should be avoided to eat before a few days of your wedding day. These foods particularly include berries, tomato sauce, curry etc. foods which are high in calcium should be eaten, they not only make your teeth stronger but they also look healthier. Dairy-based foods such as cheese are good for your teeth. Drinks which include tea, coffee, red wine and fruits juice should also be avoided and if you can’t resist taking these drinks, you should use a straw. This way your teeth will remain protected from stains. You may find it strange but at the end you will get look that will be looking better. Drink plenty of water as it washes away all the stains which are left on your teeth with the use of certain foods.

Stop smoking

Smoking does not only spoil your teeth but it also deteriorates your health. Chewing or smoking tobacco causes so much discoloring to your teeth that even the bleaching cannot help. They also cause stains on your teeth which look really awful. Stop smoking, if you really want to have whiter teeth and a confident smile on your wedding day.

Take care of your oral health

In order to make sure that your teeth look better and so your smile, you should take much care of your teeth and gums. Oral hygiene is as much important as your overall health is. Taking care of your oral health requires nothing more but brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing in between means to remove food particles and plaque and washing your mouth with a quality mouth wash. It will also help you in keeping your breath fresh.

Tips for wedding day

These are some tips for the wedding day itself that can help you in giving a perfect smile:

Smile Makeover

This is something very interesting to know that there are various cosmetics which help you in dental treatment and improve aesthetics of your teeth. By applying these cosmetics you can get a more confident smile. There are many cosmetic dentists which offer you a smile makeover, especially for your wedding day. These makeovers involve different treatments which help you in getting a smile exactly according to your wish. It is suggested you to visit your dentist a few days before your wedding day and gets some dental treatments which may bring best results to you.


Ask your bridesmaid or anyone else to keep some floss in their bag so that of you have breakfast or snack, you may wipe out the floss in order to get rid of any particles of food which may be stuck in between your teeth.

It is very delightful to smile with confidence on your wedding day and it makes you look fabulous.

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