Wedding Day Trends you Need to know this Summer

Summer weddings are total excitement and most memorable! What is not to love about it? The season allows getting more floral, more colorful and more elegant. It is a tradition, wedding couples do whatever in their power to plan a PERFECT day to say “I do” but how it is done NOW is a little different story, those days are gone when wedding meant a WHITE day at church. To learn about Current (2016-17) wedding trends continue reading.



Bold colors

Dull and boring pastel colors are now officially out of wedding scenes, now it’s all about going with bold and bright themes and of course brides are the part of it. A most recent wedding trend report showed lime, bright sunny yellow, dark purple, green, orange and blue colors for weddings themes.

Tropical floral

Summer means more flowers and that peonies are now out of spot! Tropical floral is colorful, amazingly pretty and most importantly TRENDY. So get a tropical bouquet.


Buns and tails

Messy, half done buns and wavy hair styles for brides are pretty and being used for years, may be will always look beautiful but this summer, the brides are enjoying a simple yet stunning look. Try a curved or straight ponytail and stylish mess-free buns. The best thing about this trend is put focus on brides’ facial features that shines on the ‘special day’. Use less make up and go with more accessories this season.

Fruity wedding

Summer it is, get a beach wedding planned and set fruits on the table in fun ways. Its super cool and ultimate budget friendly! Use a pine apple to hold the respective table number. “We spray-painted it white for a fun twist,” says Vanessa Van Wieren

Two-toned trendy lips (Ombre lips)

In case you are looking for a unique look for your special day, you are lucky today. Here is the best and most trendy idea for lipstick enthusiasts, “the two toned lips”, with this on your lips is same like the contouring done on face. The two colors used on lips shouldn’t be contrasting but two shades of one color, a darker and one lighter. The darker shade should be in the mid of lips and lighter on the edges of lips. Try a subtle berry-to-peach look, or go bold with red to fuschia.



The moonlight

Why suffocate in a big crowded hall or a tent when you can enjoy the ultimate romantic moon light and be mesmerized with more beautiful wedding theme with the presence of ‘moon light’. And… wedding under the moon light is the new trend.

Flowers and Garlands

We all know that summer means more flowers and green, so why not embrace the blooming season with heart. Use green garlands of ivy and eucalyptus will be great additions for a more freshen up look and atmosphere. Get some cherry blossoms and other flower branches as well.


Let the bridal wear a little floral gown, if not other color she can wear a white floral gown with sleek flowers detail on the back and front.

Tower cakes

Wedding cakes are important, and to make sure they are trendy keep in mind that a tall cake doesn’t specifically have to be ‘fancy’, this season towering nude cakes are being served just do it simple as it make you pleased.



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