Alcohol and Drug Use in Young People their effects and prevention


Alcohol is a substance which if taken in excess may affect your health badly. These days it has become very common among young people to make use of it. They are suffering from alcoholism which is a disorder which is characterized by the disability of managing the quantity and pauses of drinking alcohol which puts very negative effects on their lives. They become more tolerate to alcohol and eventually find difficulty in managing issues of life.

The cause of alcoholism is nothing other than the genetic family or social factors. There is type f genes which cause alcoholism in the individual.

How much alcohol do the young people use?

Saddening fact is, teenagers and youth is rapidly getting indulges in this bad habit of getting used to alcohol. It has become the most frequently used drug all around the word especially in Europe. It has been shown by statistics that around 50% of school students drink alcohol on weekly basis and around 15% of young people have been intoxicated at least once in the past year in USA. Around 10% of teens who drink say that they drink at least 5 alcoholic drinks at the same time. This is known as binge drink.

How alcohol abuse can affect the youth?

There are countless dangerous affects of the usage of alcohol and other drugs in the youth. Some of those effects include:

o    Lack in the ability of paying attention or focusing on something
o    The brain parts which have been exposed to the alcohol are at great risk of being smaller and affecting the mental health of the individual badly.
o    It has been shown in studies that many of the young people are dying in road accidents due to driving after having drunk alcohol. This shows how much life threatening its use is.
o    Alcohol withdrawal leads an individual to the problems with their memory.
o    Teens are likely to use alcohol with other substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine etc which makes them addicted to other more harmful drugs.
o    Alcohol usage also affects the academic of the teens. They tend to complete few years of education as compared to individuals who don’t use alcohol and other drugs.
o    Younger people are more likely to develop problems with alcohol as compared to the adults.
o    Alcohol is responsible for and contributes in nearly half of all violent deaths involving youth.
o    The likeliness of attempting suicide increases among the teens who use alcohol.
o    Alcohol usage also contributes in developing certain mental conditions such as anxiety, depression etc.
o    Alcohol usage causes intoxication which further causes so many other problems such as suicide and other crimes.
o    Young people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs are more likely to get indulged in sexual activities, unprotected sex, having sex with stranger or they can get into sexual assault.

How can the youth be prevented from using alcohol?

It is very important to prevent the use of alcohol in order to avoid its drawback. Parents should have a clear and frank communication with their children about the negative effects of alcohol. They should let their children know about the expectations they have from them. Communication plays a big role in decreasing the rate of alcohol drinking.
Children should be supervised by their parents; it also helps in keeping them from making use of alcohol.
Teens should be educated about the disadvantages of using alcohol and other drugs. They should be taught the strategies such ad coping and stress-management strategies so as they may not go for drugs at times when they feel stressed.

Religion should be taught and practices as it has been suggested that teens which are from 15-16 years of age who use religion to cope with stress tend to use drugs significantly less often and they have less problems.

Parents should seek help for their depressed children in a rational manner so that they may avoid the usage of alcohol and other drugs.

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