Challenges Facing the Youth in the 21st Century

Since we are well into the new Millennium society has started to recognize genuine worries with issues that children need to manage today. Some issues have dependably been there however are currently going to the eyes of general society to discover solution. Different issues are new trends as society adjusts to a speedier pace of life.


Alcohol abuse

There have been times in history where each on-screen character in a film was depicted with a cigarette or cigar in hand, as smoking was viewed as cool. Today, around 21% of secondary school students concede drug use and 41% report drinking liquor.

Single parent

Since the 1950s, the quantities of the single guardian family units have rapidly increased. Today, 14 million single parent homes are in charge of 28 million children. Bringing up child in itself is sufficiently troublesome, regardless of whether it is a solitary parent home or not, particularly with tough financial conditions.

Unequal opportunities of Education

Different group of people appear to have unequal access to legitimate education and all through the world; there have been consistent endeavors at reforming education at all levels. As yet, as per the World Inequality Database on Education, more than 25% of kids worldwide have never been to primary school.


Fluctuations in economy

In today’s economy, the open markets and globalization result in laying off workers and outsourcing work to the nations where it is less expensive. This makes it more troublesome for the youth to discover employments and further entangles the effectively problematic lives of them.


Recent stats demonstrate that increasingly kids and youth particularly in the United States are getting to be obese. This is because they like to spend more time before the TV or computers and laptops and insufficient time playing or any other physical activity.

Money-oriented society

We live in a society that encourages materialism and our youth are taught to gauge success and satisfaction in life in view of the amount of stuff they have. Materialistic perspective on life can bring about discontent when one doesn’t have enough and can contrarily influence a person’s life.


A world at war

Understanding what goes ahead around the globe and discovering one’s own particular thinking on the social and political issues is a major test for the youth right now, who battle to know the difference between “good” and “bad” news sources and discover their way in the mud of today’s World.

Growing up faster

Sometime in the past children loved being children. Today, even at the most earliest of ages, a few kids are sharing in grown-up activities with severe results. In numerous spots the world over kids are included in economic activities and bear a burden of responsibility regarding their families.



dealing with the stress to succeed in each field of life and finding time to do everything is by all accounts one of the greatest difficulties confronting the youth today. Youth are relied upon to be successful, yet few of them know about compelling time management.


Schools plays a noteworthy part in the development of the children’s foundation for building a life and it is sensible to expect that the educational institutions ought to be safe. But unluckily, this is not the situation, as in many cases, schools can get to become “battle zones”. In the fast 10 years 284 children were killed because of school violence – these were shootings, stabbings, fighting and suicides.


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