Depression Problem in our Youth and their Consequences and Solutions


Depression in today’s young generation is becoming very common. It is a serious mental health problem which is characterized by continuous feeling of sadness and loss o-f interest in all the activities. It badly affects the feelings and behaviors of the individuals. It can take place at anytime in love, but it shows symptoms which may be quite different in young persons.

There may be numerous reasons for depressions such as competition pressure, academic expectations, peer pressure, internal or external changes etc. depression may have serious consequences. It can severely hit the mental and physical condition of the teen. Symptoms can be eased with the help of treatments which may include psychological counseling and medication.

How does depression affect the life of a teen?

When the depression is left untreated, it may cause worst effects and the individual may not be able to enjoy its life. There are several effects of depression which range from minor and mild effects to death.

Depression puts serious effects on physical and mental health and the individuals are at higher risk of death. The most common effects of depression include:

  • Stroke
  • Heart attack and heart failure
  • Poor coping skills
  • Severe headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Attempts of self-medication with alcohol and other drugs
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Decreased functioning of immune system
  • Rejection at school
  • Trying to stay isolated
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia or hypersomnia
  • Feeling fatigued and lethargic
  • Short-term memory problems
  • Eating problems
  • Self-mutilation
  • Suicide attempt
  • Premature death due to certain medical conditions
  • Feeling difficulty in following doctor’s instructions

How the depression can be treated?

Depression is a problem where the patient rejects following all the activities even which are good for their health. They are even not able to follow doctor’s instructions and medicine schedules that is why it is more important to treat a patient naturally.

Follow the following tips to cope with depression:


Physical activity helps in keeping you mentally as well as physically healthy. It makes you feel good and eliminate depression from your life. With exercise, chemicals in the brain elevate your mood.


Try to take sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day. If you don’t find that you are likely to sleep, massage your feet. It will help you in getting a sound sleep for hours.

Take balance diet

Diet plays a very important role in your overall health. It provides you with energy. Take healthy balanced diet full of nutrients.

Don’t use caffeine

Caffeine accelerates depression. It can momentarily boost your mood but later it can have negative impact on your mental health.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol can cause more mental and physical problems, especially in young people. Those who have depression should avoid drinking alcohol.

What parents should do?

It can be very challenging for parents to keep their child away from this disorder. Parents can use some effective communication techniques to cope with the condition which may help in lowering the stress level in child.

Parents should never put pressure in their children rather they should counsel them for reinforcement of good behaviors.

Give your child space, don’t impose things on them and never expect them to do exactly what you say all of the times.

Try to eliminate all the factors from their life which may later cause stress an depression. If you suspect that your teen is depressed, take the time to listen to his or her concerns. Even if you don’t think the problem is of real concern, remember that it may feel very real to someone who is growing up.

Always be open with your children and keep a line of communication open for them so that they may share whatever id going on in their life and may stay away from depression.

If you feel overwhelmed or unable to reach your teen, or if you continue to be concerned, seek help from a qualified health care professional.

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