Inspiring Ideas for Motivating your Employees


Increasing Salaries

Employee who has excelled in performance and productivity should be rewarded by increasing his salary. Many of the companies adopt such kind of motivation techniques in order to build the interest of their employees in their job.

Thank you notes

Employees get motivated if they are presented with hand written personal sentiments. You can write the note on the pay check of the employee or simply by just putting on their desk.

Be happy with their ideas

New methods and suggestions given by the employees should be given importance to motivate the employees. We are living in a digital change and world is in transition. There is no harm in appreciating new ways rather you should welcome and adopt them so that you may excel in worldly competition.


Recognition is a solid reason to motivate employees. Just appreciate them and let them know that they are doing well. Make sure that they listening those words of appreciation. Positive feedback is liked be all, so the idea is powerful.

Make time of employees

Making time for your staff is another motivational technique. Listen them and have some conversations on and off. Show them your interest. It will give them a sense that they are more than just in numbers.

Get personal

It is motivational but a little tricky as there must be a fine line that should not be crossed. But it goes really a long way to take interest in and know the lives of your employees.

Keep your mind open to newness

The boss should always be open to new ideas and methods. It should be given much consideration to some new idea.

Be an example

You can never motivate an employee to work diligently if you are lazy and work shy. You need to present yourself before them as an example by working hard. You must ask yourself if the expectations that you set for your employees are comparable to the expectations that you would set for yourself.

Make the job interesting

Breaking up day to day routine can help in reducing the boredom and making the job interesting. Therefore it is important to shake thing up every now to motivate the employees.

Encourage extra skills

If your employee is more capable than the others, he must be encourages. Such employees should be given an opportunity to learn new skills. It will help in brushing up their skills and enhancing their interest in their job.

Celebrate personal events

This is something very much motivating that you celebrate personal milestones of employees such as their birthdays, work anniversaries, engagement and others. It brings a friendly and motivational environment in the organization.

Appreciate professional achievements

Every person wants to be recognized and wants his achievements to be acknowledged. When it comes from the top management or the owner of the business it brings a delighted mood and motivates the employees to work more hard.

Encourage friendly competition

Bring competition among the employee, but it must be a friendly competition. It will bring encouragement and motivation to employees to work harder in order to excel

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