Internet Harms Teenagers More Than It Helps


Internet is a collection of different resources and services. No one can negate the helpfulness of it especially it is providing the youth with countless useful services which helps them in the education as well as for entertainment purpose. But as there is a saying “all that glitters is not gold”, the internet has also many disadvantages to teenagers.

Wastage of time

A huge drawback of internet is, it is inducing the youth to waste their precious time. They spend hours sitting in front of their computers and laptops. They get addicted to its use and find it difficult to overcome this addiction.

Less physical activity in youth

A very outsized disadvantage of internet is that the new generation has become quite inactive. There is very less physical activity that leads to so many other health and other issues. They spend hours sitting doing nothing other than sticking around their computers which make them clumsy and slothful.
Information posted there is not always accurate

As compared to other media sources, internet is full of factual errors. The information reaches to use via other sources passes through many checks such as books, newspapers, magazines and so one but when it comes to internet, anyone can spread incorrect information. Hence, information provided on internet is not always reliable. Most of the students who really mostly on internet source for getting information may be mislead this way.

Threat to privacy

Internet has become a huge threat to everyone’s privacy. It is very common that most of the exercises ask for information from the user and store it. They find many of the information which is commercially valuable and may be helpful for the hackers to attack and steal such information from firms that have insecure databases.
There is nobody on internet that can force you to put your information there; you can use it even without having any privacy threat of you make a careful use of it.

Online chatting

There are own hazards of online chatting over the internet. Youth is spending much time in talking to strangers without knowing who they are. Sitting miles away, people maintain friendships with each other. Most of the people pretend to be someone else. Child abuse cases have been reported which is taking place this way, through internet.
This is nothing more than an illusion the internet brings people close together. A type of culture is being created which is contributing in weakening social bounds.

Reduced thinking capacity

Students when giving some home assignments, tend to approach internet for copying date from there. Copying down the facts is affecting their mental abilities. It has reduced their thinking capacity and they are prone to cram the facts given on internet. Students are becoming lazy and dull, mentally.


A type of disorder which is characterized by the lack of sleep is called insomnia. Internet has been playing a big role in shortening the sleep hours of youth. They sit on their laptops till late at night chatting their friends or playing games on online gaming websites. It is not only affecting the mental growth of the teenagers but also affecting their physical health.

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