Little kids Styling Ideas for Functions:

It’s a lot interesting to make your baby styled up for different functions. Every mom wants that her baby look the prettiest. It’s great fun also. Different occasions suites different dress. E.g. on wedding ceremonies the style of the baby should be bit alike the bride. It will be glamour out your baby’s personality. I’ am going to provide you some ideas that will style your baby with a full on glamorous looks.

Style a baby on wedding ceremony, party functions and casual functions:

What I am going to wear at my aunt’s wedding function. It’s going to be a troubled one if you are not able judge it out the exact costume.



If you’re having a baby boy then you need to dress him up with the three piece dress. A shirt, pants, waist coat, coat or jacket coat. And now a day a trendy one is the jackets or jacket coats.


Joggers must suits a lot with such stuffs. As know a day every baby boy wants to look cool they have their own choices. This baby is having a t-shirt on him. You can also put dress shirts also with ties. Which make your baby fabulous in looks.

A baby girl always dresses up with frocks. With the net frocks. Beware that if your baby will be the bridesmaid. Then she needs to wear something like bride. As she will be the most focused one girl on wedding ceremony after bride.


Make the hair catch of tour baby matched with her dress. If your baby is having an ear hole then your baby will be the attractive one. If she’s not having an ear hole then put a sticker on her ear. If your baby is having an addict of pacifier holder then you need to attach it with your baby dress with such a nice and a stylish way. By having a flower on the top most left side of the shoulder.



The shoes of your baby should be flat and also with the matched color of the dress.

It seems too much cute for summer casual functions. She is having a glamorous hair style having a layer of sun flower using it as her hair band. You can also add some changes like, if your baby is wearing red and white t-shirt then you can add a hair band of red roses. If she is in pin then you can use pink roses. It Depends upon your choice of colors.



Such kind of stuff can also be use full at beech parties as well.

Birthday dresses and hairstyling:

First birthday of your baby will be the most memorable day for you if your baby would wear the best and look the best ever. As in it make sure that your baby looks the most different in the whole party. Make sure the matching concept of your babies dresses don’t missed matched your baby’s dress. Having a crown on makes her feel a princess of the function.


Your girl is having a long hair?



Yes you have. Then I am having a few tips regarding hair styling.

Make style of buns with the twist in wedding ceremonies.



Make open up your hair with a curling style on birthdays.

Make it straight for casual functions.

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