Positive and Negative Impact of Social Media on Youth

Social media has become an essential part of people’s life especially youth, there is no way they are not going to check their social media account daily.


Fact: Average person now spend more time/day on their mobile or computer more than they sleep.
A lot Social Medias are popular now a days, i.e., facebook, twitter, MySpace, linked in, flicker, instagram, YouTube, whatsapp, Skype etc. there are 1.23 billion monthly active users of facebook.
The social media is being used by so many people and certainly leaving its effects on them which are both positive and negative.


Positive Impacts

accelerate communication

social media without any doubt has accelerated communication, It’s easy to talk to anyone at anytime, it require nothing but your wish to see someone and you can contact that person right away. You can see photos and videos and share those and comment your thoughts.

News feed

Social medias like facebook, twitters, instagram, skype etc provides option of news feed, that helps knowing all kind of news from the globe that include news from your friends as well. A number of people use social media for this advantage of it.

It battles depression
Studies have shown that the teenagers has become livelier and has rejected the path of suicide. Internet blogging is working as therapeutic for youth who have problems in their lives, they find people on social Medias to whom they can share their problems, this is fact that people find it easier to talk about their problems to strangers than the family.

It builds bridges over barriers

the social Media connects the whole world, through it, youth is able to meet new lads from all over the world. Making new friends from far of places make known new rituals, cultures, traditions, fashion trends, languages. Another effect is that the youth become more close to their own culture because of comparison of cultures.


It unleashes potential

Social discovers new talent; people share their videos and show their skills on social media, that people watch shares and comments. People discover and explore themselves. Where do you think Justin Bieber was found? It’s YouTube.

Negative Impacts

Meaningless relationships

According to Steven Strogatz, “Social Media sites can make it really difficult for us to distinguish between meaningful relationships we have in real world and self made relationships built on social media.” It is also observed that people give less attention to the most important people surrounding him than to the meaningless relationships.

Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is affecting lives of people, the damage causes from these online attacks leave deep rooted scars on minds. In several cases, victims attempted suicide. Cyber-bullying is like a disease among youth, According to CBN News report, 42 percent users reported that they have been victims.

fall in Productivity

Youth spend too much time using facebook, twitter, instagram and skype ect that it cause a prominent fall in their productivity, they spend less time in outdoor activities and it also affect their academic scores and results.


social media encourages people to talk publically about their personal lives. Users reveal their intimacy without filters which they never do in person meetings. And that information of your private life is posted permanently. There is lack of privacy on social media, though there are options and settings available in this regard but still inadequate and poor. It’s no difficult for a person to hack a profile who knows a little about it.

Wastage of time

the average time spent on social networks is 1.72 hours/day (in 2015)
The average number of hours youth spend online is 30hours/week (2015)
This shows how much precious time is being consumed by social Media.


Raise feelings to jealousy and envy

People share and sometimes brag about their achievements and possessions which raise feelings of jealousy and they start to envy people, it snatches their happiness, they never feel contentment in what they have and keep consuming their minds.

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