Problems Faced by Youth Today Essay


There are numerous problems which are faced by the generation of today. Today’s youth has become widely outclass and don’t find it considerable to be pampered. They consider themselves very responsible. Communication gap between the youth and their parents is a huge problem. The elders believe them to be old enough to take their decisions and impose them on younger ones while the younger don’t need to handover their responsibilities to them. Level of peer pressure has also been increased extensively and competition is high. Youth is striving to act in ways which may help them in building their image. They are becoming disobedient of their parents and feel insulted if advised.

Temperament and tolerance is being replaced with aggressiveness, in today’s youth. They are less into their studies while have become more outgoing and extravagant in their desires.

Anyways this publication is not about how the youth does act; rather it is about the problems which are faced by the youth. The problems and issues faced by someone may lead them to a state where their behavior becomes irritable and so there may be reasons behind the actions of today’s youth.

There may be so many young people living in your surrounding who cannot go afford to go to school ant they remain illiterate and then they may be forced into child labor. Such incidents, collectively, give birth to so many societal issues.

What they reject more than anything is similarity. Working hours, for example, are simply upheld bondage. Wouldn’t individuals work best in the event that they were given finished opportunity and obligation? What’s more, shouldn’t something be said about dress? Who said that every one of the men on the planet ought to wear dull dim suits and convict hair styles? On the off chance that we turn our psyches to more genuine matters, who said that human contrasts can best be settled through traditional governmental issues or by savage means? Why has the old generation so regularly utilized savagery to tackle their issues? Why are they so despondent and blame ridden in their own lives; so fixated on mean aspirations and the yearning to store up increasingly material belonging! Could anything be right with the rat-race? Haven’t the old put some distance between all that is critical in life?

Here are the problems and challenges which are being faced by the youth today:

Health problems:

Health is something which makes a person able to give its maximum output by showing their strength and abilities. Youth, undoubtedly is the healthiest population as compared to other age groups. But, now there is a rise in health issues among youth due to poor hygiene and poor living habits. There are also so many other reasons which are collectively changing the classic picture of healthy youth such as behavioral risks, poor sanitation, new emerging diseases etc. In all the regions of world acute and chronic illnesses are often induced or compounded by economic hardship, unemployment, sanctions, embargoes, poverty or poorly distributed wealth.

Education problems:

Education plays a very vital role in the life of an individual and a nation. It develops creating thinking in young people and makes them well-rounded and productive personalities. It makes them able to face the challenges of their lives. Unfortunately, educational crisis are being provoked by several sub-crises like more population, scarce resources, poverty, low enrollment rate in primary and secondary education, poor education quality, neglected information and so many others. With the absence of good education a nation may not make developments.

Poverty problems:

Poverty is a worldwide issue and no region of the world is without it. It does not let the people enjoy their basic necessities and hinders the development. Poor families are not able to get their children educated and in long run they may not be able to spend a good life, rather, it gives rise to the possibility of their involvement in crimes such as robbery, theft and others. Poverty paves way for countless other problems for the people.

Governments should pay special attention to the resources which may lead the country to a better economic state where people may enjoy their lives by living out of poverty and may produce a competitive youth.

Human rights:

It is very important to know and understand human rights for all the individuals. It is a big challenge to achieve the word where the concept of human rights is highly practiced. The violation of human rights towards minorities, women and subordinate groups still exists in certain parts of the world, especially in developing countries. This violation of human rights leads to the war crime, war of aggression and crimes against humanity. It has been observed that human rights violations are highly associated with inequality of access to public facilities and opportunities for a better livelihood.

Environmental issues:

Humans and environment, both depend on each other. But now it is a matter of worry that people are ignorant of their responsibility to the environment and are unknowingly carrying out the activities which are harmful for their environment. In order to counter this, great focus is being pointed at youth as agents of change to sustain the environment and create awareness among the whole human population. Many harmful activities are still in practice which are damaging our environment and hence leaving bad influences on the life of youth.


Unemployment is another issue which is being faced by the youth today. This is the major concern of all societies. Economies are melting down since past decades and it is causing unemployment. The number of youth unemployment keeps on escalating year after year especially in developing countries. Many of the young people tend to stop searching for job due to discouragements. Some of them decide to postpone seeking for employment and continue to study when they are left with no options of job. It is crucial to understand characteristics of unemployed youth in the world and all issues happening in labor markets.

Youth and Drug Abuse:

Drug consumption is abusive when it is used for recreation rather than medication. Drugs contain psychoactive substances which destroy the mental abilities of the young people. Statistics show that a large number of youth is involved in this illicit abuse of substances. In 2015 alone, around 210 million people, youth inclusive, were predicted to take illicit substances at least once. Youth are at both ends of the drug trade, they are involved from the manufacturing to the consumption, their main positions being traffickers, dealers and consumers.


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