Various Ways to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse


Sexual abuse also called molestation is a displeasing and undesired sexual behavior by a person upon another. When the enforcer harms a child physically, psychologically or sexually, this is known as the child abuse.  And when the first two types are eliminated and it only concentrated on the sexual contexts, then this kind of abuse is known as Child Sexual Abuse.

Child Sexual Abuse can take place to the children of any culture, religion, race, socioeconomic group and geography. People involved in this crime may exist in any corner of the world. Now that we are more aware of the problem as a society, we need to take steps to protect children from further abuse.  There are no sure-fire ways to protect the children from Child Sexual Abuse but of course, there are steps you can take to prevent it.  Follow the given steps to gauge the situation and prevent your child from Child Sexual Abuse:

Get into your child’s life

Being seriously involved in a child’s life can make cautioning indications of kid sexual abuse more obvious and help the child feel more complacent coming to you if something isn’t right. In the event that you see or hear something that causes concern, you can make a move to secure your child.

Always be available

Always be there for your kid so that they may at once share with you whatever has been going around. Set times which you have to spend solely with your kid and pay the complete attention. Make them realize that they can head to you whenever or whatever question they have. When they come to you with confusions or questions, leave every activity and talk to them for finding some solution.

Know the people in the life of your child

All the children and adults who spend time with your child should be well known to you. Often get the information about the children your child study and play with. Also get to know about their parents and other people they may get in contact with such as teammates, coach etc. talk openly about those people. Ask questions so that your child may feel comfortable while pitting their queries before you.

Make media a source

Media often shows such programs where there is talk about social violence. Don’t feel hesitation while watching such programs in the presence of your kids, rather make media a source of sharing information and ask your kids what they would do in the same situation. It would make your child feel that they are the important issues and they may talk to you about such topics.

Be open and talk about it

Get friendly with your child at an early age and teach them the real names of their body parts. It will make them able to come to you in case where something is wrong.

Talk about their whole day

Ask your child what they have been doing the day and who they were with all the time. Know about the whole day activities thoroughly. Encourage them talking about if anything unusual has happened. Build trust by having regular conversations with your child. Understand their behavior and make them feel comfortable raising any question.

Teach Children That the Danger May Come From Someone They Trust

Let them know that they may be harmed by someone who they have found trustworthy. Tell them that bad touch is bad touch and you should not let anybody do this to your body. If someone tries to do so, ask for help.

Take Action If You Suspect Abuse

If you find that the child has been abused, contact the police or other relevant organization. They will investigate and take proper action against the executioner. Don’t investigate on your own.

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