Ways and ideas behaving properly in your class room

This is good to be well-behaved in the classroom. Students who don’t behave in a good manner and are troublesome are not liked by the teachers. One must show a serious and responsible conduct in the classroom in order to become a better student.

The ways to behave properly in your class are as follow:

Arrive to class early

You should avoid arriving your class late, as it doesn’t leave a good impression of yours. Besides this is a gesture of disrespecting the teacher. Try reaching there at least five minutes before starting your class. Remember! Your time is valuable.

Pay attention

This is important to stay focused on the lectures, demonstrations and slideshows. This is not important whether you are interested in them or not. Keep your eyes and concentration on your instructor and the screen in front of you such as white board, blackboard, projector screen etc. Information gathered from the lectures attentively will definitely help you in your future exams and you won’t be complaining of getting any information missed.

Stay silent until you need to speak

Don’t talk with your mates while your teacher is present in the class. Stay quiet until or unless your teacher ask you to speak something. Never simply get out answers or inquiries amid class since you can upset the flow of the lesson.

Raise your hand when you want to speak

If you have a question or to say something important during the lecture, simply raise your hand. Don’t shout it out or discuss with your neighboring class fellows. Raise your hand up, wait to be called on by your teacher and speak while the permission has been given.

Switch your phone off during class

You should switch your phone off while you are in class room because a ringing cell phone can cause interruption is a class especially during the lecture.

Stay seated when teacher is in class

If you need to leave your seat due to some reason then you should simply raise your hand and ask for the permission. Leave your seat when the permission is given. Don’t make noise while leaving the classroom as it may cause disturbance in class.

Respect your teacher

There most important rule to follow is respecting your teacher and following all the instructions and directions given by them.

Don’t sit near to trouble causing mate

Sitting near a class mate which causes trouble during the class may be problematic for you. You may have difficulty in paying attention to the lesion and your behavior might be associated with theirs which is obviously damaging for your personality.

Avoid distracting items

All the things which you find may distract you or your class fellows’ concentration from the class should be avoided. They may include food, drinks, book and magazines other than the course books, music players, cell phone and others.

Avoid asking inappropriate questions

Don’t ask inappropriate questions which include the stuff which is specifically only to you and is totally off the topic. If you want to talk to your teacher about such kind of things, you can simply write them down and wait until the class is over.

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