Ways to Find Your Hidden Talent

According to the dictionary, “Talent is a natural ability of a person. It is an ability or natural capacity that we have, which may range from our creativity to our athletic competence. We all have them, but we are not always so good at finding what they are. Sometimes they can be right in front of us, and we slip them.”


To find out what you are specifically good at can be hard-won sometime. Ironically speaking it’s like we can’t see our own nose. It is because the things that are too close are less clear.

For finding out your hidden talent you must find Answers to some questions which are:

What do you liked to do as a Child?

Take few minutes to recall your memories from your elementary School time, think of the things you did with great passion and eagerness as a child. Did you played soccer, base ball, basketball or you enjoyed making complicated projects or you loved artistic work? You may have been a good leader in your childhood. Your childhood favorite thing-to-do can be your undetected talent.

What are the things you enjoy the most?

Think about the things you find contentment and zeal in doing. Imagine the time you had nothing to do and we felt the urge to do something like playing guitar, painting or drawing something, playing a sport, or writing a story or something, you followed your heart. And it captured you; you didn’t felt hungry or tired and didn’t realize how the time passed. That’s the particular thing you most love to do and most likely to be your natural talent.

What are you best at?

Beside the things you enjoy doing; there must be something you are exceptionally good at. It can be anything as writing, composing, a sport, any creative work, leadership, planning etc. You might have been receiving praises and compliments for doing that work but never realized that it is the thing you can take as a profession. Think about the subject you were genius as a student and you always talked about that subject, your undiscovered talent can be that subject or a linked thread to your natural ability.

What was your last achievement?

Think about your last prominent achievement you made as a student or a professional. Reconsider that achievement and analyze your hard work you did to achieve that. It is possibly the best you could do.

Do you know what you can do more with your life?

Life is the name of movement, a static thing is lifeless. Don’t stop and discover what more you can do with your life. Comprehend your life-work and see through it, keep your past efforts in mind and think about the next step you should take. It is possible what you are doing today is not your Major. The FACT is 63% of the world workers are not really engaged in their work. You can possibility be one of them.

Are you an Explorer?

Have you ever been out to some place which is not familiar to you? I suggest giving yourself challenge to go at places you have never been to can make you a new person, can help you know the REAL YOU. You can only find yourself by losing control of others on you.

Did you ask anyone?

Take a journal and start asking your close friends, family and your teachers about what they think you really ace and write their suggestions/answers. Afterward compile the whole thing and see what the most common answer you received was. You may not know or disagree but the most frequently said thing by others is the natural ability you have.


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