What to Wear for Looking Classy in Winter?

Staying warm in winter is important but is there any need to sacrifice your classy looks, no way! You got to be looking good all the time, so the question here is what to wear this winter and look stunning. Well here is the answer.


Cashmere wool

Add some cashmere wool sweater in your wardrobe. This is great stuff that restrains cold and looks trendy without making you look wearing a bulk.


Say no to bulk

bulky looking sweaters make you look sizable and messy. It hides you and make an impression as if you’re not wearing clothes but clothes are wearing you so get rid of all the bulky sweaters and outer wears in your wardrobe


Hide in vest

this winter try out wearing slim fitting vest with matching turtleneck and tights. It will make you look slim and smart.


Wear your leggings

breakup with your pants and patch us with the leggings with clog booths or high heel boots this season it helps you staying warm and make you look awesomely classy in your winter outfit. Prefer winter colors, almost all the dark and dull colors.


Try out Furry outer wears

faux fur outer wear has never been out of trend and keep you cozy.


Treat your wardrobe with leather

Leather is in the trend, leather dresses, jackets, high waist skirts, and it is perfect when it come to staying warm.


Pick the Pea coat

Pea coats are always trendy and chic looking, so wearing pea coat on a warm sweater or a simple top will do great.


Cardigan Sweaters

Cardigan wool is light weight and so it’s more easy to layer with cardigan wool sweater along with jeans or leggings and nice boots and a decent brooch.


Go through summer wardrobe

you can wear your strapless and sleeveless tops and dresses over fitted turtleneck. It is trendy and makes use of your summer wardrobe in an elegant way.


it often becomes hard to choice what boots to wear. Try long knee heighted boots stylish and keep your feet safe from freezing. Clog boots are also a really good choice and make you look chic


Lined and patterned Skirts

Skirts with patterns and lines are trendy buy don’t keep your legs nude and wear skinny leggings along with skirts. Boots are classy.


Nude fitted camisole

A nude fitted camisole will help you layer up and keep you warm. It is better to be warm and classy then being bulky and messy so go with this all the time and try different out fits of your choice.

Underscore your waist

Make an hourglass of your waist even in a thick pea coat, use a skinny belt over your dress or coat you are wearing. It will make you look classy and elegant.


Put on Gloves

your hands also need to be protected from cold but what gloves are good enough to not make your whole dress up ruined? Try some elegant looking matching gloves most preferably light weight soft gloves, and don’t forget fingerless ones you may need then often when writing or signing papers.


Body accessories and bags

these two things are very important in making you look classier, be choosy in these things. For bags buy some heavy looking light bags this winter and always prefer your style statement.
For Body accessories, in winters scarves are the most important. Choose pretty colors for giving your dress up a pop up.



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